What Happens If You Put An Impeller In Backwards?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

We have all made our fair share of mistakes, ladies and gentlemen, and in boat owner’s terms, this has sometimes even meant putting in the impeller backwards ( oops ) . But do not worry. I am here to talk….

So, first off, you know the centrifugal forces in play behind the whole thing? Well, what happens is this — they can still push the water along and keep the boat moving forward, even if you install the water pump impeller backwards. But the question is both can and will you move along as quickly or efficiently on the water as you did before, or when the pump was put in the right way? Well, to answer that in brief, you can still move forward, like I said, but however not as efficiently as you once did or planned to. Now, with all of that being said, before you panic, just also know that the impeller can actually unscrew itself as it runs backwards over time ( but I said do NOT panic, now you know the truth and can turn things around while there is still a chance to do so ) . That is because the shaft and the impeller are threaded together here. So one problem can lead to the next, like in life, right? But the key is to find a way through it and be a champ.

DON’T turn the pump as it’s spinning backwards. You might actually break it if you do so. Now, I hope to come on here and talk to you guys again real, real soon….and more on these topics. I love boat impellers. I love boats. And I love maintaining both, as well as getting a fresh whiff of ocean or river air with my best buds. There is no feeling like it.

Now, on another note, it is SO vital to have a working water pump impeller on your boat and running up to par. Nothing less is acceptable. And the reason why is because the boat engine can get way too hot and heat over on you….why can pose a whole nother number of electrical or safety risks, depending on the model of boat you own. Either way, when keeping an engine cool, like a boat’s massive engine, cold water is what helps — and impellers help to see that happen. They push the cold water along to the parts of the engine that need it.

Next time, when unsure, ask. Be sure to put in that impeller the right way. That way, you can still have a good time with your friends and not be worried from putting it in wrong. You Tube videos can show you how many people have installed their own, and you can also ask a friend who has done it before ( or, yes, even comb through the pictures and instructions of your original boat’s user guide, as well as those of the impeller’s user guide, all in all ) .