Nb Miata

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

The MX – 5 MAZDA MIATA : Familiar with it? Well, if you are, then you will be even more so. Now I plan to cover it. It’s time for this topic of the hour! Let’s talk, you guys!!!!

First of all, in this model, the suspension has undergone a major transformation and is totally knocked up ( in the good way, I mean, he he he heh ) . It is totally better and improved in many ways, and you can tell this right off the bat. It is so easy to note and evident. This type of car is also known to have multiple intake runners, all in all, which also implies several great intake valves are in there and each doing its part. They all work together swimmingly well as I like to say, and as my friends in England like to say as well.

There is better chassis bracing on this model, too, than on others made before from that same brand. Keep that in mind. It is a true upgrade of the best kind there is, and you can get nothing better, all in all, when comparing this model with those that lived before it. A true step up, and that is an under – statement.

It has got some stellar seats and is well – equipped on the inside, too, all in all. My kind of car as well. I love just looking at it online, and as a matter of fact, I have seen its google images tons of tons of times ( and will probably continue to browse through these at least until I can buy my own NB Miata and no longer need to browse the web for images, he he he he heh heh…. but who knows when that day may actually come, if ever ) .

Many models of this car come with newly – built, pop – up sort of head – lights. They are very cool and not too flashy yet bright enough to see in the darker hours and trails of the evening. I have seen the footage of these head – lights at work, during the night, especially, on You Tube and even on TV. I can speak from ‘watching experience’ here as I binged a lot of time on the TV and PC in order to learn as much as I could on this car, since it interested me so much. Can’t you tell? He he he he heh. I love my cars!

And yes, this one is sure on my list to buy! At least, it’s on my fantasy list. Who knows? One day, one day, one day, it will be mine! And that will be a sweet day in paradise, indeed.

On this car, I also like the fact that it’s somewhat easy to maintain and when you do so, it’ll run well on you. It’s fun and makes a smooth ride on street terrains. Enjoy!