Streaker Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

These Streaker go karts…. they are a little bit hard to find on some web places ; I searched Amazon, eBay, and many others but saw “ sold - out” or “we do not know when this product will be back in stock again”, etc. Be sure to check back with them in a week or so. Things always change.

But on that note, here is something else that you can do —- order from right here instead, or keep checking here : Kenbar S-465 Streaker Gokart 6hp (

GO KARTS USA is a dependable site that ought to have the one and only Streaker go kart, made by Kenbar. It has been said that if other places do not have this, then they most likely still do. They are like the king of all go kart stuff, to be honest with ya, he he he heh, so check them out in full. Take your time to see their entire site and all of its postings, not to mention sales products listings, when you get a brief moment to… you may, as a matter of fact, realize that so many other types of go karts or kart prods ( products, in short, as we call them in the modern slang era, he he he heh ) that you were looking for are ALSO found there now. Why not give it a try? Least you can do is turn your tail the other way, so to speak, and find that they do not have what you are looking for…. no harm, no foul, no?

Now about the Streaker go kart —- first of all, it is an S - 465 that we are looking at here…. and do not let the number make you confused, he heh…. it is just a placement number to help you determine that model, and not much else than that. It is not a special bar - code or anything like that, mind you guys. But it can be a helpful number to keep in your back burner, so to speak, when you want to reference - out this product and look for it across other sellers. So bear that in mind, now.

This Streaker has been said to be an ideal go kart toy for those just before entering the pre - teen years…. all the way to young adults. So in other words, we are looking at something that is good for 8 - year - olds….. to 18 - year - olds, respectively.

Both tires, front and back, are nothing less than 13/ 500 X 6”, which is a good thing to consider. And not only that, but you can get nearly 30 mph in speed with it, which is ideal for users this age ( don’t let them burn out their speed, he heh ) .

So if you are new to this Streaker, then I suggest giving it your first try. What can it hurt?