Sea-Doo Spark Maintenance Required

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

NO item of great worth or possession, in general, is without its required maintenance and clean – up every once in a while ; and yes, the wonderful Sea - Doo Spark is also no less included in that list. And when you think of regular tune – ups or any kind of maintenance upkeep, the first bell that ought to ring in the back of your mind would be the mere fact that — and take notes here at this part, if you are not already, he he he he heh —- you can get out at an average of like 100 hours of riding this amazing water ‘toy’ as I like to call it…. before you will even need to give thought to an oil change. Yup, 100 hours, no lie here. That’s plenty of riding to get you started, is it not? Keep in mind, though, that if we were talking about any other model of Sea – Doo, then no, that would be 50 hours ( only half, at best, but the Spark is special as you can note ) .

And after that first oil change, keep the maintenance routine at the same 100 hours —- so in other words, just remember to either change that oil every full 100 hours of riding ( or you can also go with once a year, which is typical, unless you ride tons of hours each week….. Either way, keep a log of it all so that you stay organized and do not miss a single scheduled maintenance ) . So yes, your Sea – Doo does say “maintenance required” for a reason, he heh. And it is not just some crazy manufacturers tacking that label reminder on there, but you DO need to keep all things up to code….and not only the oil change, but a 10 – hour pro inspection ( as done by an expert ) and more, all which you will find neatly discussed in your product’s owners manual. And if you got the Spark used, then not to worry and no need to fuss, he he heh —- you can download this manual right off the main Sea – Doo web page at no extra cost. It’s an invaluable free resource that can always help you in a pinch, so why not take advantage of that?

And did you just so happen to know that —- he heh — the spark plugs also need to be checked and likely changed out about every 25 hours of riding? Do not forget that as well….. very key to the life and success of your Spark. You want it to endure, right? Who doesn’t? In terms of maintaining the Spark during the colder seasons, also be sure to keep in mind that winter – izing is not an option. It’s a CAN – DO AND MUST – DO! Google how to winter – ize your Spark. Watch videos on You Tube. Let your mind soak in all the knowledge!