How Do You Drive A Go Kart Fast?

If it is your first time, and you came to me, looking for some advice on this…. then do not dismay! I’m here to help. I’m here, like that knight in shining armor, or that hero with a cape, to help you learn how to drive your go kart fast ( or faster, than you usually do, in case it’s not your first time ) . So with some amazing tips on speed, performance, and more ….. all up ahead…. here …. we ….. go!!!!!!

So first of all, I would like you all to know this ( anyone who is reading right now ) : smoother does equal faster. This applies when driving real cars, as well, in many cases. Basically the way that it works is this — many go kart race tracks work with bead - blasted concrete surfaces, which are perfect for making smooth cornering, swift turns, instant accelerations and stops, and much else. As you steer the brakes, smoothen up on that wheel, throttle and repeat, you must do so smoothly and in full control ( starting up only at a speed that you are comfortable at ) . The more “in complete control” that you remain, the smoother ( and over time, faster ) your steering, accelerating and turns ( and heck, even your braking ) will be. Smooth is the word, once more.

Smooth and swift… carry momentum with you. Use those wide lines you see along the track… the wider ones, the better. You will, over time, carry greater and greater ( and yes, even greater, he he he heh heh ) exit speed. Also, and this next tip I share with you for free, he he heh…. follow the faster drivers on the track. Follow their rhythm, memorize their turns and style, watch their maneuvers, and all in all, spend time around them ( eye – balling their every little short – cut on the track, as well ) .

This can help you both to duplicate their race lines, to reduce lap times, and to feel like you’re making some real progress ( and believe me…. you will be, only watching and studying the best ) . Don’t look at the barriers on the sides…. they can distract you, worry you, and even slow you down. Focus your full attention on only the drivers in front of you ( not even on the ones in line with you or behind, which can also be a source of distraction…. and before you know it, you’ll drop speed ) .