Sea-Doo Spark Vs GTI 130

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

First of all, if you want a water – craft vehicle that does not feel ( and actually is NOT ) so heavy, then you want to opt – in for the Spark as it is provenly more lighter and easy to even lift and load / unload, as well, on that end. Yet on another note altogether, if you plan to ride for longer times, and wish to have a more cozy seat to place your buns on ( he heh, I am trying to keep your attention here on this page, and I hope it is working ) for longer periods, then you might instead think more seriously on going with the GTI 130. It is specially designed for that and most users will not dis – agree with me when I say that they much prefer the seat on this one, in place of the seat on the Spark. Those little details, like ‘butt comfort’, are really crucial and should not be taken for granted, like, ever. There —- I said it, and it feels good to get that off my chest. Man, am I joker….. but my heart is in the right place ( and so is my butt, after sitting on that GTI 130 for 4 hours straight, he heh…. my glutes are in paradise, I could say, but moving on ) …

Now, then, if you want me to tickle your ears just a bit more and tell you why you should go with the Spark, instead, then let me say this —- yes, the Spark, my favorite of the two ( except for the seat itself ) is the reason I get up every day, knowing that I will ride it later in the evening and whizz my problems away, on those clear ocean waters, he heh. The Spark, in terms of fuel consumption, MY BIGGEST PERSONAL FAVORITE BENEFIT AND DECIDING FACTOR BETWEEN THE TWO PRODUCTS ( so take notes ) , is far superior. Yes, it consumes less gas as you ride, naturally, since it is also far lighter. Makes some sense, right? It can also move around and maneuver easier, since it’s lighter, even cutting those crazy corners FAST as you do your tricks and race your friends, he heh. Yet the GTI 130, since it is heavier, can be more stable —- this can help in severe weather conditions or emergencies involving storms and such. But I know you do not plan to deliberately go out and ride in the middle of a storm…. no one does. Most people I know usually check the weather before going out and planning a ride, so that is not a big issue, all in all.

And also, depending on where you like to spend your bucks, the Spark can be much cheaper in most cases. So that’s another plus. I go with the Spark! It’s a winner in my book.