Delorean Tail Lights

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Swap out those tail – light on your DeLorean, if you’re bored and want something useful to be doing in your garage, he heh. The power and feel, after a good swap – out, all in all, is no less than gold. Or heck, just fix up your current ones, if you know how to do that. Or, third option —- why not just spend some time reading my page that you are on, and learn more about these tail – lights? Why not? Have you got any time to lose? I promise that, here, it won’t be lost…. you will learn something. Now stay with me….

First fact is this, my main point to kick things off : you can still get these tail – lights, especially online, the best way to find something, he he he heh. Try here on ebay, your good ol’ friend —- Rear Tail Lights for DeLorean DMC 12 for sale eBay

See? I even marked the page. Nice of me to do? Don’t sweat it. Anything that can help, I’m there! Now, what else can I share with you, that you might like to know?

Well, these tail – lights typically look red, and if you have watched any Back to the Future flick, you will likely remember that. I am so glad I got to see what a DeLorean actually looked like, in this movie, since I did not own such a car and it was rare to have or see around ( only like 10 K made, no joke, and they quickly stopped making them after that, for some reason…. and as you can imagine, they sort of became ‘forgotten about’ in some circles, though some of us will never forget this car, nor this movie, ha ha hah ah hah ) . But now we have the web, and you can see anything you want to, at any time. Literally. Good times, good times, good times.

The tricky part of these rear tail – lights, I will say, is putting them on or taking them off. And you need to be able to know how and be very careful with details. Pay close attention as you do it. And yes, I know that we often all like to go to places like Auto Zone to buy new tail – lights and have the sales rep put them on for us, while taking the old ones, off, but just keep in mind the fact that, with such an old and no – longer – seen type of car like the one and only DeLorean, it can be a bit of a catch to have such an expert know how to ( or be willing to, for certain reasons of liability, even ) do such a replacement or removal / install. Keep that well in mind and do not get your hopes up. Call first and ask them over the phone. Be safe and smart that way.