Water Pump Impeller

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Are you a fan of marine boats and their lifestyles? Are you well off financially and can afford to take weekends off to go hit the ocean with your friends? Is it something you actively try to make a bigger part of your life, more and more? Then you might already know what a pump impeller is for, but assuming you are just starting here, I will still tell you anyways because I am just that nice and awesome. And I like to blog about boating products anyways, so it’s a win - win all ways around….

But let me get a little serious with you for just a single minute and tell you why you ought to even care, as I explain some things about a water pump impeller. You may already think, “boring”, but please do not, as this is a product it would help you to get more acquainted with, either way….and God only knows when you might need to order one. So it is always good to know — and as I always like to write, it is always good to know a little bit about everything, even hobbies or facts you will not find yourself doing ( or that you THINK you will never need to know or engage with, but who knows when the day may come, right? ).

So in short, this product is basically a black ( or of other colors, if you make a special order on one you see and like online, but mainly, the one I usually see for order is black ) rubber item that supplies proper water to your boat’s cooling system. How does it do this? Be patient, heh, as I am about to go there next….

Now, it takes water right from the water inlet and moves it across to the water outlet — sounds like a very simple concept, does it not? Now, since it’s a rubber product, it gets its share of wear and tear and needs a swap - out every now and then ; it does a good job and works hard for your boat all year long. And how can I best describe its shape? Hmm, let me think….ah, yes. I know this will keep your attention on me here……

A NINJA STAR! It’s like a ninjutsu throwing star, black and sharp with rounded, cut edges. It actually has the very same shape and feel of one, I might note, but do not try to throw it across the room and hit the dart board when you visit the bar….you may be made fun of and will likely get kicked out, he he heh….not to mention the impeller won’t stick. Sorry, it’s not that sharp, ha hah.

You should keep a log when you boat around and plan to inspect this impeller for maintenance after about every 200 hours of active use, which includes anytime the motor is running, as well as charge time and time on the water, in general. Be responsible. Take charge. Make it count.