Steering Rack

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Now in the last blog, I mentioned to you some things on wheel braces as well as how to make sure you’ve got the right wheel brace for the right nut or bolt, and that the nut or bolt is not out of shape or rusted, bent or just won’t come off for any other reason. Now, I get to shift gears! He heh. I mean, at least, in terms of my topic. Now, I get to talk to you about something else this time, so thank you for coming back to another read of mine…. here we are again, folks, and this time, I can talk to you about the STEERING RACK, another important auto part in your car! So stick with me…. we are going to have some new – found fun on this new topic, and I can hopefully teach you a good thing or two. So let’s have it at…..

First of all, you know that steering mechanism on your car? I am talking about the good ol’ rack – and – pinion as most people like to call it ( google it, if you have no idea what I am talking about, he he he he heh ….. google is for all things you want to know ) . Well, the steering rack is a vital part of this mechanism, here, no less. And it’s basically a metal bar sitting on it…. but where, you ask me? He heh. I knew the question was coming. You must be curious to know more then, which is why I applaud you to keep reading…..

Well, to answer the question, it sits parallel to your car’s front axle in most cases here. And when you turn your steering wheel as you drive along, so many internal components kick into play ( at least when they work right ) that you probably had no stinkin’ idea. In fact, so much is here behind the scenes, with your axle and its surrounding parts, that I could write a whole physics book on the topic…. and would still not cover everything there is to know, just to give you a heads – up. But since I do like to keep these blogs relatively short and for an easy read, I promise not to do that to you here….. instead, we’ll stay at 500 words for this page, as usual, he he heh heh! Now, then, I did say that a whole heck of a lot goes into play when you turn the wheel, and what I mean, in the simplest sense, is that your front axle will move either left or right as you turn…. and your steering rack will sit parallel and follow its movements as you do so, helping to make the turn of the car, all in all. So to make the car turn when you turn the wheel, like I said, a lot of moving parts do their job.