Ski-Doo Used

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Someone’s got to have it, and it’s a decently – popular item, to say the least, so you ought to be in luck when you look for a used Ski – Doo. I know so many places can sell it. My top two choices for getting a used Ski – Doo, I would say, are Craigslist ( always, always, always, always, always, ALWAYS try to look through here carefully, first ) and eBay. Amazon is also a fave spot I search on. As is Walmart Online.

Now, here’s a quick little tip, and I won’t even charge ya extra for sharing it with you, he he he heh —- my blog is free to read anyways, ha…. but the tip is this : Look at ALL the cities in your state that Craigslist is listing, one by one. For instance, I live in Colorado, and DENVER is my first go – to city when I look through the listings on Craigslist, much more so for something like a used Ski – Doo. Now, if for some bizarre reason I can’t find a seller listing up a used one ( even after I type in “used Ski – Doo” and things similar to that ) in all the listings and sub – listings for within that city, in particular, then I look through all those of another city…. like, in my case, BOULDER. And I will often find that Boulder, CO actually has plenty of ski and snowboarding stuff for sale, both used and new ( mainly used, though, ) .

So that being said, try all the cities and all the main listing categories, such as “for sale”, “free”, “used parts”, “by owner”, etc. You will be surprised at all that you can find. And you can do it from the left – hand search bar at the near – top of the central ‘home’ sub – page for each city, all in all. It will then populate some results that will tell you how many listings there are under “gigs”, how many under “community services”, how many under “free stuff”, how many under “for sale”, etc. And of course, Craiglist is nothing less than FULLY no – cost…. both to search up stuff and to message those who created the post and follow up with them, as well. And if a post looks to be fake, as a whole, or you can tell that it is spam / has not been written properly, etc…. you can even hit that little flag on the top middle corner of your post’s screen and it will report that post and user, and let Craigslist know to further look into it.

Most used Ski – Doos I have seen there can start at $600 - $700. Depends which snowmobile that you badly want, how old it is, and more. The seller shows photos, adds further details on the post, and sometimes lets you ride it to try it. Give it a shot.