Are Spark Plugs Changed On A Service?

Are spark - plugs changed on a service?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Now you might ask me : Are spark - plugs changed on a service? Great new question, I would add. Let’s get together once more and talk about auto services ….

Now first of all, I should probably point this next fact out : More expensive auto services, of which you get in a luxury bundle, often do include spark – plug changes. And when this occurs, they will usually let you know of it ( either by placing the service on your bill / statement, or by letting you know online, in advance, by their services page, etc ) …

They include them usually at no extra costs, but this can vary, too, based on a whole lot of things ( are you a premium member with a paying subscription to their service, have you been a long – standing customer, do they offer the parts and plugs for your specific car, etc ) ??

Now then, keep in mind that some of the most popular locations that do include this service after every tune – up are JIFFY LUBE STORES. In fact, they specialize in realizing not only the value and overall importance of changing your spark plugs after every single service but they also likewise are experts at finding the very root of the problem, in the first place …

If you would like to see more ( as well as to read their statement, mentioning that they do offer spark – plug changes with each tune – up, automatically ) , then check the link here : [Spark Plug Replacement & Tune Up Jiffy Lube](

This can also tell you the many other services they offer. They work with your car manufacturer’s recommendations, and each car is different, of course. This all helps optimize the performance in the long run. Spark – plug, in their prime state, can do a whole lot more for your car than those otherwise, at the end of the day …. did you also know JIFFY LUBE has locations practically in every state of the US? They are spread out nationally and always growing in new cities as well …. so if you are ever unsure of which mechanic or business might do a spark – plug change with your service, just Google a JIFFY LUBE nearby to you and head there with your car. Problem solved.

If you want to change it yourself, these parts cost just $10. Yup. Spark – plug, most of the time, are super cheap. Typically, the rule is to change them out bi – annually or for every 30k miles you drive. Make a note to see your JIFFY LUBE every two years or so just for this specific service, or if you drive a lot, count the mileage instead and go that way. Remember : Don’t miss those 30,000 miles without seeing your JIFFY ( or changing the spark – plugs yourself, if you know how, of course ) .