Which Outboard Motor is the Best?

Author : Efrain Silva

Which Outboard Motor is the Best?

My good friend, if you were hoping to be able to power up those aquatic escapades this summer (at least, before COVID 19 hit), then this blog will tell you a bit on which kind of outbound motor I believe is the best you can ever hope for. And who knows? Depending on where you live, and what should occur on a global scale in the next few months, you might still be able to not only research this product further from home but also go out and buy it, not to mention try it on a certain water hot spot that is open. Some bodies of water still are, as I last checked, though strict social distancing guidelines seem to still be in place and apparently for a bit longer. Anyways, let’s get to it!

So first of all, and this is probably the very first thing I will be relieved to get off my chest now, you should really give some strong thought to this : The Mercury Racing 450 R stands among the cream of the crop and looks down on all others ; all you need to do is verify this for yourself by searching Google. You will see it as one of the highest products in rating offering the most in value to the buyer. So now we’ve nailed it! Some will always disagree, but hundreds (if not a few thousand) do unite to form an opinion: The Mercury Racing 450 R is the very best outboard motor.

You’ve got a twin - screw supercharger on this bad boy product, and it gets even better — that in and of itself is 2.4 liter. The shaft on this product is only at 25 inches, which is one major reason that the product is so light, overall, and we all love a good lightweight outboard motor, do we not? All in all, the whole thing weighs only 700 lbs., so don’t try lifting without a couple good, strong buddies by your side.

And some of its parts, to only further add to your excitement as you read all this, are very easy to swap out, do maintenance on, repair and more. Plus, you can get parts for this product in just about any online retail location as well as in large basic in - store retail places as well. Even some Costco’s and Walmart’s have sold the motor for this product, but you should probably call in first and see if your local store has it before making the trip. Heck, even many marine store retail sellers like Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and several more have the parts for this boat.

Every new model comes with a 3 - year backed warranty. That should give you more than plenty of time to try it out. Hopefully, you will not have to return it for any reason ; it is the best of the best around.