Ski-Doo Kill Switch

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

There are different kinds of kill switches out there that all work with Sea – Doos but let me point out that I can say WITH CONFIDENCE ( as I have used it and know it works its wonders nicely, he he he heh ) that this one is a good pick —- Ski-Doo New OEM Kill Stop Switch 515177362 Freeride GSX MXZ Renegade Summit ++

It’s sold by Leaders RPM Shop, whom you may likely not have heard of before yet I trust them. They have sold many units and satisfied their buyers, me included. They’re not bad at all. And they specialize in ensuring their parts work and run, and keep doing so, just like new. Quality goes behind all the stuff they put their hands to. And you can tell.

Anyways, that particular kill switch is about $60 - $ 70, depending on if there’s an offer for a lower price at the time. It’s about $62, now, as I can see it listed. But if you want to try another seller that might be a little cheaper, at the moment, just save the product’s SKU number, which is universal, and it’s 515177362. Type that in anywhere else you think you can buy a kill switch from, and it can pull up and tell you if that particular product sells there…. or even at worst, where you might be able to get it from. And you can try Google, first, to see which online places sell. Or you could also punch in that SKU number to Amazon, eBay, Walmart Online, etc. Price – check and compare. Have at it!

Now I would like to make it known that this product is factory – original, which I really like, as listed on that link above…. this means it’s not necessarily an after – marketed, re – furbished or look – alike sort of similar product. But it’s the real thing. You may feel differently as I do on that, but that’s not a problem. And if money is REALLY an issue, even more than you might have thought, then you might also take a quick little gander at this one, then, which is just half that price from above —- SP1 Kill Switch for Various Ski-Doo Models Replaces 414 4662 00, 5719 00, 6127 00, 512 0594 82, 515, 1754 09, 10, 515 1760, 91,92, 515 1767 25,-1773, 62, 1779 31, 548 8725 36 SM-01572: Automotive

This kill switch is also nice and sells a lot. It’s “made to last” and can do multiple types of Ski – Doos as well. At about $39, you can’t beat it. It’s made by the SP 1 brand and I am not sure if you have ever done your research on them ; they’re a good seller on Amazon, all in all…. having tried, I see no issues with them. They’ve always delivered me a good kill switch in time of great need.