Dirt Bike Trailers

This is for those who are curious for more insight.  If you’ve ever been even just a slight tad curious on what a dirt bike trailer is or how to best find one, this following short article is for you: Do not stop until you have read all of it. We promise it will be well worth your time; enjoy! 

For the bold and adventurous who wish to do it with style

First of all, dirt bike trailers --- just like regular camping or mobile trailers --- are detachable, transportable containers or “trailers” that come in multiple sizes, material compositions and even colors, respectively. Each can hold a different amount of weight in tonnage and account for different tow haul capacity: Check your towing vehicle’s specifications and expressed listed capabilities before attaching it to the trailer and loading on your freight --- in this case, dirt bikes. Not all vehicles are suitable for such a haul and may thus accrue damage or other weight issues when attempting the move. Check that the pickup truck or other type of vehicle you are using to transport the dirt bike trailer, in other words, fully meets the required weight and distance specifications, before proceeding.   

And when it comes right down to using such a trailer to house or transport your dirt bikes, there is likely no better way to go at all; in fact, this is the way many do it in style and also by means of keeping their dirt bikes safely hauled and properly transferred across cities and states. These types of trailers can go along for the ride on highways as they are fully highway safe and highway approved, all in all. But not only that, notice how most of them are seen in steel or other metallic exteriors. This means can carry and protect! They properly house the dirt bikes and make it difficult for internal or external forces to tamper with the dirt bikes or otherwise move them out of place while they’re inside. And in the very unlikely event of any accident or bump while on the roads, they are still highly durable and can take a beating, all while protecting --- like we said --- what is on the inside from falling out and getting damaged.       

And to further add to this, we can also see that these types of trailers are not only made of aluminum steel or other metallic components but may even be found in wood; in other words, some come in wood housing. It all depends on your budget and what you are willing to do with what you have. Some types of dirt bike trailers, as a matter of fact, even contain “no housing or roofing” of any sort, so you’d merely attach the latch, the trailer base, and the bike(s) on top of that. As naturally follows, of course, these are both the cheapest yet unsafest route to go and are highly unadvised; they don’t protect your bikes from the elements or from other outside forces that can pose a threat when least expected. Yet for those who can’t afford to buy even the most minimal housed type of dirt bike trailer or do not wish to learn to build their own through DIY, then this is one way they can proceed. 

For all others who wish to ‘give it a go’ for their first time

And if you’re new to dirt road bikes and wish to learn how these trailers can best benefit you as you buy your new bikes and take to the off-roads, then you can try out any of these trailers for yourself to see what you think. Here’s a few other things you might want to keep in mind, too. The first is that you can ideally fit 2 adult-sized bikes within a 6 x 12 in. trailer, and that’s if you conserve your space wisely and make it count. Also, you might be able to get away with squeezing in another 2 bikes, if they’re small enough. But to go up in size when looking for a trailer, in order to accomodate the need, just go off of the width added per each bike. Or you can sum up the full dimensions for each bike, and either total it or keep an individual sum count, and then present it to any store expert that sells these types of trailers; usually, places like Kawasaki should be able to sell you these, along with the bikes that suit them.    

Also check what kind of tow balls you will need, as well as the legal limits for these in your local area. Yes, friend, there are certain city and state procedures that must be followed. But find out what they are……

Along with this thought, know that some tow balls are 50 mm, which is the ISO standard. Yet others are 3 inches or 72.2 mm, which is considered heavy duty. Yet others, still, may fall within 2 5/16 inches, being extremely heavy duty. You’ll also wish to keep in mind the combined weight of all bikes you wish to store within the trailer, as well as the weight of the trailer itself (both before and after the bikes have been placed inside). 

13” ground clearance, not to mention tires suitable for the weight imposed, would not be a bad thing to consider either….especially if the drive is longer. You may also want to look at the flooring on the trailer, especially what’s right underneath the tires of each bike. Something padded and soft, but also comfortable and firm, is always advised. You can even DIY install some tile panels or have them installed in your new trailer, if you wish. Do some brainstorming in your “off time” to see what you can come up with --- have fun with it, but make it count!  

Final words

So we hope this piece has shed some light: Dirt bike trailers are out there for you. They offer safety and comfort for your bikes when traveling. Check for weight and size, as well as the other factors we mentioned, before purchasing.