What Size Crack In Windshield Can Be Repaired?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

It all depends on how good your auto – glass provider really is at their job, not to mention how impactful the damage is ( or the strength of the impact, plus the remaining integrity of the glass itself …. will it crack entirely under just an inkling more of pressure, or will it be hardened and restored if it’s possible? All this, you have to ask …. ) . I have seen some cases where true experts, combined with reasonably fixable damage, came together … and 14 – inch wind – shield got repaired. It barely made it. Some called it a miracle.

Yet the general rule that holds is this : if it is of 11 inches or less, and the insertion of the impact has not entirely softened the glass to the point where it is nearly to shatter upon the slightest touch or bump, then there is hope. The wind – shield can be repaired and will not have to be replaced. Now keep in mind that for anything under 6 inches, it’s generally called a “soft crack” ( which is different from a “hard crack” that covers anything 6 – 14 inches instead … just keep that in mind ) .

In any case, only a proven auto – glass expert can tell you whether you need to swap and get another wind – shield altogether or just repair the current one. Only they can technically make this assessment. But if you know how to repair it yourself, even better ( save on labor costs and visits to a glass pro, and teach yourself a new skill or two that you can use for the rest of your life ; countless Vimeo and YouTube, and even LinkedIn, videos, can show you all you need to get started and become a DIY pro on repairing your wind – shield …. keep in mind you might need to go out and buy some materials and tools, though ) ….

MOST of the time ( though, with the exception of those few ‘miracle’ cases like the one I just pointed out ) , you can measure the crack with a measure and see if it’s a full 12 inches. If it’s 12 inches, then it’s more than likely that it WILL need to get replaced, not repaired. But of course, if you want a 2nd opinion, you can always take it to an expert.

Try and cover the crack as best you can, until you are able to get the help you need for it. Believe me : When dirt and other gross particles get inside the crack, it becomes a lot harder to repair ( and even to get the junk out from inside ) . Do NOT turn on your AC or de – froster until the crack has been looked at, repaired, etc…. this can compromise the overall strength and integrity of the wind – shield’s glass and make the crack even bigger.