Polaris RZR XP 1000 Trails & Rocks

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

This model most certainly rules the rugged road, as countless buyers like to claim. I would like to point it out to you, and spend some time on it this time, if that’s ok. Let’s have a look ….

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

First of all, its key specs include 20.5” / 20.5” Usable Travel ( a great place to start, all in all … is it not? ) . You get 14.5 - inch ground clearance with it, too, in addition to the very fact that it hits 110 horse – power and gets 64 width ( by inches ) . You also get 30 – inch tires ( better than the 29 I usually see, which are still awesome … don’t get me wrong, he he heh ) . Not only that, but the bead - locks here, in this area, are also quite frickin’ terrific … and you can instantly see and touch them, for yourself, to notice, right off the bat, just how terrific and high – quality they really are ( not to mention tough, shiny and the list of ‘praiseable qualities’ goes on and on … and I could actually write a lengthy book talking about just that, if I had the time, he he he he heh ) . They’re all a nice, smooth black look, just like the tires. Very nice and elegant, I would say, and I’d be saying the least ( he heh heh ) ….

Now, then, you ought also to take notice of the plain fact that the Matte Orange Rust color on this vehicle is so nice to look at, in any season of the year ( not just in fall, but looks nice and works well in summer, winter, and even spring … why not, right? ) . It kind of resembles ( well, at least to me, it does, he he he he he heh , and some can opinions can vary, which is fine ) a sort of dark orange – to – dark – red hue, mixed in with shades of black, all across the body paint. And the number 1000, in dark orange – to – dark – red letters, is seen on the very front … very cool, nice little touch, overall, I would say …

As for its trail and rock features, these are so amazing as well — you get a 55 % lower low gear on this one, which I love. You also get a nearly 5,000 lb ( right at 4,500 lbs, precisely ) winch. Plus, to top it all off ( as I say ) , you get precise throttle mapping ( low – speed ) that is truly terrific in every sense.

Sold on it? Ready to buy? Buy from Polaris directly. You can’t go wrong. And you’ll have something nice to show off to your friends!