Sea-Doo Spark Oil Filter

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Go online if you are new to doing this ( for first – timers with this, I recommend going to ‘how - to vids’ on YouTube ) . See how to change the filter, step by step by step! Now, I am going to talk on some things to also keep in mind….

First of all, my top pick is this —- Sea Doo Spark GTI GTS 90 900 Oil Filter All Models 2014-2021 420956123: Automotive

One of the best in performance, according to several online ratings, this oil filter should be the 1st you look at and your real cup of tea. It is mine, I know it, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I have never, as a matter of fact, had my doubts on this one as it has come through for me each and every single time. And at $10.48 per unit, how can it get any better? I have also seen far pricier Spark oil filters but that can do more or less the same ( and are also the exact same in duration and quality, to be quite perfectly, since I did test them ) , so with this one, at least I know I’m not breaking the bank. 0.25 lb! That is what it weighs, in case you were also wondering to know….. yup, so not even half a pound in weight.

It is super easy to lift and move around, put on or take off, or adjust. All in all, it is a steal of a deal, as some in the west still like to say ( me included, he he he heh ) . It is of OEM make and quality and it measures 3 inches all around, for full dimensions. So how do you like them apples?

And wait — I am not done here yet, folks, for these is another one ( yes, he heh, YET another one ) that I wish to introduce you to, and it is well – worth another five minutes of your time : The one here —- Sea-Doo Spark Oil Filter 2014-2018 420956123: Automotive

And yes, I know what you are thinking ( psychic being in my nature, he he he heh, but not really ) : IT COSTS ABOUT $7 MORE, SO IS IT WORTH IT? Now, hold onto your pants! I am going to tell you that it is, 100 %. And here would be why….

First of all, it is easier to fit in and adjust than the last one —- plus, it is even lighter. Can you believe it? Yes, even lighter! At 0.1 oz. It’s also got more 5 – star reviews than the other one, and more detailed ones, at best. It’s just a little newer and made by a better brand.

So whichever of these two you choose ( if having trouble, toss a coin and decide, he heh heh ) , you can rest assured.