Can A 12 Inch Crack In Windshield Be Repaired?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Can a 12 - inch crack in my wind - shield be repaired? It all depends. On what does it depend? I will tell you just now …. read, my friend …. read ….

First of all, in very rare cases, the damage can get repaired if it’s a crack that is up to 14 inches …. yet most of the time, anything bigger than 11 inches will need to be repaired. It all depends on how good your auto – glass expert is and what kind of magic they can work … I have seen some, in very rare cases, be able to repair the whole wind – shield and barely save it, instead of having to replace the whole wind – shield. These pros I like to call ‘miracle workers’ and they do exist ( but it also does depend on how much bigger the crack gets or if the whole glass breaks, once they tinker with it to test it out … which in most cases, they will determine you need a new wind – shield as the current one with a 12 – inch crack just simply “finishes cracking under pressure” ) …..

Now, then, I would also like you to hold on tightly to the plain fact that is this : THEY SAY 80-85%

OF ALL CRACKS OF 11 INCHES OR LESS CAN BE REPAIRED. It’s true. Let me repeat so you really get the point ( and not forget it ) : HEY SAY 80-85% OF ALL CRACKS OF 11 INCHES OR LESS CAN BE REPAIRED.

These are expert stats that have shown this, from more than one single source alone. So it’s true. “Long cracks” are what are considered to be cracks anywhere from 6 to 14 inches long, and anything under 6 inches is called a “short crack” by pros in this industry. Now the thing to keep in mind here is the fact that 12 – inch cracks can have different types of looks ( and overall damages ) when it comes down to it. For instance, consider a few of the following examples ( 6, to be precise ) for repairable damages ( as well as their respective dimensions, accordingly ) :

Keep all this in mind with your 12 – inch crack. Hope it helps!