How Does A Self Bailing Boat Work?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

We would not like to admit it, but sometimes, things do not go as planned and terrible things can occur. In many cases, when in the water, we might need to jettison, so to speak, a little sooner than planned….or a way to jump ship or bail out. In that case, there is good news and it comes in the form of unique self - bailing boats ; the marine market sells so many of these, Bass Pro Shops being one top place to look. Get financing on one and the whole deal, and you can even get their credit card too —- if approved, it can help you pay off one of these boats with no interest to cover, at first, usually, for at least like 6 months to one year. Ask if they are offering a special. Now, anyways, how does one of these boats work, you may want to ask, in case you really do want to try getting one?

Well, first of all, these boats tend to already come built with scupper valves, in place, in many cases ( and if you have not ever heard of a scupper valve once in your life, then you are in for one great treat — see my other blog tab page on this same site to see what those are, as well, and learn all that you can about how much to pay for one, where to install one if you need to, and much more ) . These have been fitted through the hull and made of no less than the very finest in bronze or steel ( or in some cases plastic but still durable and helpful when in a hurry ) . These quickly get the water out of the boat on their own….so when you find yourself in a hurry to drain out any excess water coming in, or even stop it from entering at all, these scupper valves on self - bailing boats are there for you and ready to kick in as needed. And God knows how much peace of mind that has given many a boat owner, just to know….if you check the stats, the number of boat accidents, roll - overs and deaths on an annual global level has been higher than in past years ( but most of it is due to simple neglect or lack of knowledge, and thankfully for you, you are reading this new blog I just put up and devouring it, or at least I hope so ) .

You’ve also got great stoppering devices on many of these self - bailing boats. And these often come as transom plugs, which expel water right out of —- you guessed it — the transom, when needed. These are likewise a life - saver and a true boater’s very best new pal. Check them out. The bottom part of your boat’s interior, otherwise more commonly known by many as the bilge, can accumulate water in some instances. And that is where the transom plug gets it out of, draining asap.