Sea-Doo RXP-X

Water riding is really enjoyable for all. But what if you incorporate speed, strength, and acceleration altogether? Well, the ultimate result is bliss.

And if you think the amalgamation is impossible, then let me introduce you to Sea-doo RXP-X. This specific jet ski can be a dream come true for you. The super cool design, strong engine, and quick acceleration and speed are something worth looking at. The racing spirit and the amazing technologies do enhance your onboard experience.

I can bet you also want to grab one, isn’t it? Let us look at the intimidating features of the personal watercraft.

Sea-doo RXP-X: An Overview

Like every other sea-doo, this one also comes with some advantages and some disadvantages as well. Before owning one, it is better to have a look at the specification of the jet ski.


The engine of Sea-doo RXP-X is not different from the RXP-X, GTR 300, and the GTX 300 limited. The Sea-doo RXP-X comes equipped with a 1630 cc engine. Also, the engine is a 4-stroke engine and has three cylinders. Moreover, this specific jet ski has a 300 hp strong engine. This supercharged engine comes with ACE technology and also with an external intercooler.

Acceleration and speed

The Sea-doo RXP-X provides you with mind-blowing acceleration. This powerful watercraft takes you from 0 to 50 mph in just 3 seconds. The manufacturers have claimed this particular PWC to be the fastest among all. It is said to reach around 67 to 69 mph at the highest speed. That’sThat’s incredibly fast!

Fuel capacity and storage

The Sea-doo RXP-X also fascinates us with its fuel capacity and storage. This personal watercraft provides ample space and storage area for the riders. It comes with a fuel capacity of 18.5 gallons and total storage of 40.6 gallons.

There is a large enough front storage area with 37.78 gallons of capacity. so you can easily imagine the fair amount of storage equipped with this particular product.

CLCS technology

Like most other Sea-doo models, the Sea-doo RXP-X incorporates the closed-loop cooling system. This CLCS system makes the engine more powerful, and you can experience a smooth ride. The closed-loop cooling system basically protects the engine from salt-water damage. Also, it prevents the engine from complications due to debris.

Intelligent brake and reverse

This feature is common in almost all the models of Sea-doo. Likewise, the RXP-X also incorporates the IBR system so that riders can stop the vehicle sooner. Also, the IBR system lets the rider engage forward, neutral, or reverse for a steady and stable ride.

iDF system

This is probably the newest inclusion of this PWC and probably the most claimed and praised feature. We all know the unpleasant situation when debris enters the engine. To prevent the jet ski from this issue, the manufacturers have included the IDF system, aka intelligent debris-free system. This technology allows the removal of debris from the pump in just a button touch. This feature rotates the driveshaft into reverse. Hence the impeller spins backward, and the debris is removed successfully.

Wide Digital Display

The Sea-doo RXP-X features a 7.6 inches wide LCD that is included for a better rider experience. Through the control panel, the riders can easily handle the vehicle and also change the riding modes accordingly. This digital display panel also enables automatically dimming backlight that ensures high visibility in any condition.

Racing Handlebar

Since the RXP-X model is more of a racing PWC, the manufacturers have redesigned the Handlebar for a better experience. The low-rising racing handlebar maximizes rider leverage for a supreme rider experience.

Variable Trim with Launch Control

For well-controlled acceleration and fine-tuned handling, the Sea-doo RXP-X has incorporated the VTS technology. Now you can easily control the acceleration and tune your PWC according to the number of passengers, water conditions, and other factors. Also, there is a Handlebar activated launch control system incorporated for you to launch like a pro!

Hull and dimensions

The Sea-doo RXP-X is slightly different from other jet skis because it has an improved and different hull than all others. The main advantage of this redesigned and improvised T3-R hull design is that it is easier to handle for beginners and intermediate-level riders. Additionally, the PWC includes ‘‘shark gills’’ that make the product stable and ensure better operation against choppy water. On the dimension factor, it is 49.2 inches wide and 130.6 inches long.

Improved seat design

Reciprocating the market demand, the Sea-doo RXP-X comes with an adjustable single rider saddle, deep knee pockets, and tacky front seating surface with a padded bolster. These features allow you to experience a high octane performance. Isn’tIsn’t that a racing spirit?

Audio System

Like most other Sea-doo watercraft, this particular vehicle also provides you with a full waterproof BlueTooth audio system. The premium audio system allows you to have a good musical ride. Do not forget to play your favorite loops on the deck.




How fast is the 2021 RXP-x 300?

It has been claimed by the company that the Sea-doo RXP-X can reach up to 67-69 mph at a maximum level. However, people have said that it can hit a speed up to 73.8 mph.

How fast does a 300 HP jet ski go?

A 300 hp jet ski can go 60 mph on an average level. But there are instances where the 300 hp engine has hit a lot more than that.

Is a jet ski faster than a boat?

Yes, obviously. Jet skis are a lot faster than boats. 50 mph speed for a jet ski is average, whereas a boat can reach 35 mph of speed on an average calculation. So, jet skis are better-paced watercraft.

Final Thoughts

The 2021 Sea-doo RXP-X is incredibly fast and can give you the ultimate sports spirit or a racing spirit, to be specific. Besides its mind-boggling speed and acceleration, exciting features, improved hull design, the IDF system has won many hearts.

But some people have claimed that even after including IDF technology, the debris problem is not resolved entirely. However, looking at all other secs, you might negotiate with this minor issue and ride it.

Grab the beast today and splash the ride!