Yamaha VX Limited

Meta: Water sports and riding are even more enjoyable now. Check out these exciting features of the all-new Yamaha VX Limited.

We all love water sports, don’t we? And that is probably the best part of your summer holidays. Besides sunbathing, volleyball, and plunging into the cool water, one may utilize his or her time in riding. Even tow sports can be great options to enjoy.

But all of these are only possible when you own a top-quality jet ski that not only has impressive features but also slays in the physical looks department.

Do you think this is mission impossible? Well then, let me introduce you to one of the most hyped wave runners of this year- The Yamaha VX Limited. This wave runner is furnished with possibly all the features that a rider can ever ask for a recreational ride. So without any further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Yamaha VX Limited: An overview

Just like all other items available in the market, this jet ski likewise accompanies its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you may see the value in the great benefits and may compromise with the negotiable cons. Henceforth, understanding the features, pros, and cons is fundamental prior to snatching your very own PWC. In this segment, I will discuss every one of this specific item’s provisions, experts, and cons.


The Yamaha VX Limited has presented the honor-winning lightweight marine engine with three cylinders like practically any remaining Yamaha vehicle. The TR-1 motor of this PWC is more than a bit of a glimpse of heaven circumstance for any rider. Also, it is a 1049cc engine that can give you the smoothest ride ever. Additionally, the lightweight marine motor of this model makes the jet ski significantly more available.

This model has an HO system in its engine. An incredible component it is, no? HO innovation implies the ‘High Output’ technology. That implies the hearty motor gives you an outstanding mileage, expanding the enjoyment to the best level.

Cruiser seat:

The Yamaha VX Limited has likewise incorporated the convenience factor here. This model has acquainted us with pleasant and ergonomically planned seating. Don’t worry about the seating capacity because it is large enough for a performance ride. Indeed, even the seat is sufficiently enormous to help a ride with two travelers. Moreover, the luxurious theatre-style seat is consciously designed to provide you a supreme comfort on board. Also, the separated seating arrangement is worth praising.

Hull and deck:

Another praiseworthy feature of the Yamaha VX Limited is its hull and deck design. Like most other Yamaha models, this one has also improved the designs for more stability on board. The impressive ergonomically designed deck comes equipped with self-draining footwells. Also, the knee grip while sitting increases the comfort level to its best.

The hull also takes the place of pride here. Its improved V-shape keel, softer bow chines, and hull strakes provide you the safest and stable ride. So you may enjoy a light recreational ride with these wave runners, even in waves.

RIDE throttle system:

Just like most other Yamaha models, the VX Limited also comes equipped with the RIDE throttle system. This is an innovative addition to the vehicle that ensures a safe ride. Riders can control the PWC even more with the throttle system on the handlebar. And handling it is no rocket science. You need to access the lever on the right handlebar to accelerate and the left lever to slow down and reverse. Thus, the riding experience onboard becomes safer and even more enjoyable than ever.

Large storage area:

One tiny yet significant problem that every rider would face is that of being wet on board. The problem multiplies when you have any electronic device with you. So, what’s the solution?

Well, name it, and the solution is in front of you. The VX Limited is equipped with enough storage area that is sufficient to keep some of your items safe on board. The large area under the seat is enough for you to carry a towel, some dry clothing, and some more essential items. In addition to that, the vehicle presents itself with a deep glove box and a watertight case for protecting your phone and camera, and other electronic stuff. Now you have probably been fascinated, no?




How fast does the Yamaha VX Limited go?

Since the Yamaha VX Limited is under the category of recreational watercraft, you can expect a good pace and excellent acceleration from it. It can go as fast as 53.1 mph at 8100 rpm. The grace of its excellent engine accomplishes all.

How fast does a 300 HP jet ski go?

On an average rate, a 300 hp jet ski can go 60 mph. But there are instances where the 300 hp engine has hit a lot more than that. Some riders have recorded some jet skis reaching 96 to 100 mph with a 300 HP engine.

What does HO stand for?

An HO engine is a High Output engine. The meaning is that you get a supreme performance from it with minimum effort.

Final words:

Buying a jet ski or personal watercraft is quite remarkable. You can appreciate it to the fullest in summer with it. And in case you are lucky enough to get your hands on the all-new Yamaha VX Limited, a definitive outcome is the speed with style.

This particular water vehicle comes with exciting elements and fantastic benefits. The powerful engine gives the smoothest ride ever. However, a few riders have given it disapproval for its inconveniences. In any case, taking a look at all the impressive specifications, you might ignore the cons. I can bet that if you get one, you will undoubtedly be mesmerized. So pick up the pace and get one for yourself.