Sea-Doo Spark Kicker Sound System

Sea-Doo Spark kicker sound system

By Author : Efrain E. Silva

You want an audio kicker that can kick butt? Yeah you do! I know it, you know it, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of, my friend. In fact, when you are rockin out on a solid watercraft like the Sea – Doo Spark, you do deserve to treat yourself to nothing less than the best. And that includes the best in SOUND! So crank it up, and in this blog, I want to show you some great things you can get to make that happen and get a sound system that’s really going to kick the competition away ( the competition being other people on the water, who are driving around in other types of watercraft, he he he heh…. yes, we can always pretend they’re our rivals or opponents, and we can outmatch their speed and sound, by the upgrades we get on our own boats and watercraft and more, ha ha ha hah…. don’t you love being number # 1 on the waters? Forgive my over – competitive nature…. sometimes it does really get the best of me, and takes me captive, he heh ) . So on with it…..

Now first of all, check out these speakers and pods which, by the way, are actually able to not only work with this kind of Sea – Doo model but with many others out there : Compatible with Sea-Doo PWC Jet Ski Marine Audio Kicker Ks525 Custom 5 1/4” Black Speaker Pods: Sports & Outdoors

Now what I like about this, besides the fact that it comes in black, all black, and is a nice solid, dark color and contrast when installed in your watercraft, is the fact that it weighs under 10 lbs ( like 8.5 or less, he heh ) and can be custom – designed, custom – made, and custom – installed. I know a variety of private manufacturers and distributers alike that can get this one done for me when I need, and that have gotten this sound speaker pod system on two of my watercraft already, for which I am already “beyond words thankful for”. You can also install a silver plating across the edge of them, to ‘beef them up’ a little, as well, an option which many sellers online do offer. This not only makes them look just a little more suave, nuanced, and elegant ; but it also protects them with an outer silver coating, from too much water back – splash intake, bumps and bruises, and more. So it is something I wanted to point out that you can think about.

Also, did you just happen to know that this audio kit is also a great one that can work with your model of Spark? I am talking about this one ?: Sea-Doo New OEM Spark Audio Kit, 295100797: Automotive

And of course, these are just two great options for sound kickers, or audio kickers.