Polaris RZR Pro R 4

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

Polaris strikes again ( but I do mean in a good way, readers, he he he he heh … so don’t freak out on me, ha ha hah ) . This time, they have managed to come together to put together something that really works well in “open wide performance standards” as countless industry reps and buyers alike have said. I kid you not : You will like this model, and on this short – page, you will get a chance to see it up closer for just a bit. So let us get started on it ….

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

First of all, I would like you to just have a pencil ( and a paper wad or pad, too ) and take a few notes, if you would like to. Or just read this piece again when you can. Either way, please pay close attention to all that I have to spill here ( as it’s good info, he he he he heh ) , starting with the very mere fact that this kind of ATV – like vehicle sells, once more, in Sport, Premium and Ultimate sub – packages ( or sub – models, falling under the main model, as some might prefer to call them, he he heh heh heh ) ….

Now, then, with this said, the Sport will always be the cheapest, and then price – wise ( and quality – wise ) , it just goes up from there … with the Premium, and then ultimately ( he heh heh ) , topping off with the Ultimate , which is at the top of the list. More or less, though, all 3 sub – versions still have the same basics, including a 16 – in ground clearance trim as well as 225 horse – power ( yikes …. yee – hawww ) and 74 inches for width. So not bad at all, when all is said and done, right? But take a closer note of that horse – power which I did mention …. 225 is one hell of a deal on a vehicle like this, and to just get the Sport and save money ( and still get that feature ) , it’ll only be like $38,499 US MSRP ( which, if you know anything about pricing for Polaris, that’s a bit of a deal ) . Such amazing horse – power is less common ( or at least was, in the last few years, he he he he heh ) but you are starting to see it more and more in not only Polaris models but others brands as well ….

Usually, buyers settle for around 100 horse – power, especially if it’s their first time owning one. But 225 is for those serious about their drive power, torque and excellence on that road. They mean business! And at 225, you can really crank it up!

The first thing that should come to your mind here, I will say, are the words “performance … whole new level … whoosh” ( well, maybe not that last word, I guess … of course, depending on the mood you are in when you think that, he he he he he heh ) . But all joking aside, let me take you into it …. let’s talk and see, now ….

First of all, this vehicle trims at 16 – in clearance / 225 HP ( for horse – power, my friend ) / 74 – in width. The wheel – base is almost 105 ( 104.5, precisely ) inches. And instead of 28 – in usable travel, as is often the case, you get 29 … so not bad, I say. Plus with a 74 – in stance, how can you go wrong, anyways? Right?

Now, then, I would also like to point out the very simple ( and frickin’ awesome, he he he he heh ) fact that it also comes as Ultimate ( my number one choice, I always say, he he heh ) , Premium ( definitely awesome, too ) and Sport ( the best way to start, if you’re just learning and want to spend a little less ) . For cylinder displacement, on these ( also known as cc, in case you are familiar with referring to it that way, instead, he he he he heh ) , you get almost 2000 altogether ( 1997, to be precise, he heh ) . And if you find yourself falling in love with a Polaris’s color, before making the big choice to buy or refuse, then have a look at this as well, my dear friend ….

The Sport gives you Stealth Gray ( ooh, la la, baby ) ; the Premium gives you Polaris Blue, and the Ultimate gives you Azure Crystal or Stealth Black ( for those fantasy stealth missions you like to go on, with friends, he he heh heh heh … when you’re out in the dirt roads, having a good time ) . Of all these, I personally like the Stealth Black the very best, because it’s all black and certainly looks bad – ass …. but if you see the images online and have a different favorite, then I won’t judge you either ( still friends? He he heh ) , of course ….

Now I like the fact that this vehicle, all in all, comes with Ride Command Technology ( which can be screen and voice activated, for certain features, and you can always get add – ons, updates, and other installations, however you like, to tweak certain things around ) . I also like that it offers Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio for its sound. Yup, you get to drive around with the best stereo – like awesomeness ….