Sodi Sport

If you are in the looks for a sporty – like rental go kart that you can show off to your friends ( and so those chicks can really see how bad you truly are, he he he he he heh ) , then the SODI SPORT can be a good choice for you to go with. It performs as well as most racing karts out there on the fleet, and that in itself says a whole lot …. it competes on a whole different level, and it seems its makers and sellers are constantly in the know – how as to how to make it even better with each new sort of Sodikart model that comes out ( even with several that are quite similar to this one, in turn …. who knows? Maybe more models of the SPORT will be coming out soon in the next few years …. a guy can dream, can he not? That’s my hope and longing, anyways …. ) .

Now when it comes to “rush adrenaline thrill driving”, they say this is one of the best on the line …. modern, sleek, cool, and lots of fun to be inside of, this go kart will not leave you bored ( nor stranded on some road somewhere, he he he he he heh ) for very long. There’s plenty you can touch and feel ( like the suave leather designs and makes on the inside, as well as the cushioning seat adjustments and even easy – to – adjust mirrors ) as well as visualize. Once you step inside and touch that steering wheel, just close your eyes for two ( okay …. well, maybe a bit more than two, but you see where I’m going with this, right? He he he heh ) seconds and picture yourself out – racing every other driver on a green, sunny hill – side track that gently overlooks the beach …. somewhere far off in the loveliest regions of Italy or France. Got the perfect picture in your mind?

Well, maybe one day you can be there yourself, with this go kart in your possession. Dreams can come true, after all. I’m a living testimony to that. Now if you like a light weight Sodikart, this is likely the one for you, on that note, too …. it is quite light, which helps make it even more precise ( especially with rapid corners when you need to turn ) and quick – stopping, too ( for rapid halts on any kind of ground turf you might run in to at the end of the day ) .

The driving position on it is so well – aligned and cozy : it promises not to hinder your overall view and stance …. and when you adjust things right the way you want them, you can even sit in the vehicle for hours at a time. It’s comfortable. All ergonomics ( seat, roofing, wheel, etc ) are made with you in mind.