How Do I Know If I Need A New Impeller?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Have you ever bought a nice motor boat just for water sports or cruising, only to ask what parts or repairs you might need to do on it from time to time? If you are one of those amazingly outgoing, and financially lucky individuals, who can afford such a nice, luxurious hobby, then by all means read on this page some more. I talk here about the impeller, more specifically, and just what you can notice about it that can tell you some things. Read on….

A water pump impeller is a need. It’s not a ‘can - have’ or even a ‘might - have’ if you want to keep moving well on your marina boat.

If you are at the usual, regular temperature when sitting in idle on the water, but then that temp rises fast out of nowhere when you move around again, then the problem might be the impeller. That is one of the most sure signs that it is that time again — to get a new one or at least have a pro take a look at the current one. But also, when you look at the impeller and notice it to be more stiff than before ( much like when your steering wheel on your car starts to harden up as you stop or make turns, in a sense, telling you that something bad is a’ brewing ) , then you have got a problem. Actually, to be more precise, your impeller does ( it picked the wrong day to start dying on you, he he heh ) .

If its housing, by the water pump, starts to get really tight as well, once again, it’s an impeller issue. Also, if this rubber piece ( yes, your impeller is rubber, ha ha hah, in case you had never seen one just yet ) starts to get really dry, then that is a possible other sign that a new one might need to get purchased. Because if you let it dry out, for too long, without the right amount of moisture / lubrication ( as it is designed to be in water the whole time, pretty much, did you know that? ) , it can also instantly die on you. And this is very hard to save after it’s gone to a certain point. You would just need to toss it away and go back to the store for another….sad truth but it is what it is.

You can get a used one on eBay, though I only suggest it if you are really tight for money and need another one fast. Sometimes the users will just sell you their used one but at a lower price ( and it might at that point have already been damaged or not working right, if it was under intense heat or dried out, too —- you never know where it has been, after all ) . That’s it, folks, as our favorite Porky Pig would say! Be sure to give us your support in any form and read our other works.