Sodikart RTX Rider Weight Limit

You are looking at somewhere around 140 kg…. give or take a bit. Whenever you feel the notion to tip over, or like you are starting to tip over, then you should take off some weight. It really is as simply as that ; now keep in mind that, as new models come out each and every single year, in addition to more sales of these units and greater availability + demand ( as well as increasing technology and data, ensuring that more kinds of features and benefits are offered with each new model or variation that comes out ) , this weight limit can vary. In some RTXs, from what I have seen and heard, you can get away with weighing about 200 lbs ( for a single rider ) or around 450 ( if you are riding as 2 riders in the same vehicle ) .

Now, the important thing to keep in mind is that when you are wearing a go kart rider suit ( full body, for instance ) as well as a helmet, and even some quality shoes or boots, this will add a bit to your weight. So it is best to weigh yourself on a scale once you are in full uniform and ready to get in the vehicle to drive it around ( not before you put on all your equipment ) . And if you have any weight in the back, you need to factor such weight in as well…. yes, I do mean that you should take it off the go kart, put it on the same scale, and measure it by itself…. and then add it to your total overall weight. The more accurate and precise that you can manage to be here, the better it will be … and the more it will help you stay within that perfectly defined limit ( which should also be expressed inside of your RTX’s user guide / instructions manual ) .

Keep in mind that weight can shift, as well…. not only your cargo’s weight but yours ( and that of any other riders next to you as well ) . Your weight will, by guarantee, shift whenever you take a corner ( especially if you take it quickly ) …. you will move to the side ( whether right or left, based on the direction you are making the turn in, of course ) and with it, so will some of the internal weight being placed on the Sodikart.