Sodi Furia 950 2022

Kart racing is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous activities. Riders from all over the globe participate and enjoy thrill riding. However, one can only enjoy karts if they come with unique features, excellent build quality, and incredible speed.

Can all these features be found in one kart? Well, if you have the brand new Sodi Furia 950 2022 edition, you’ve probably got your dream kart.

But don’t just jump and bring it up to your racing course. Fetch some more details about the features, pros, and cons of the same.

In this article, we are going to look at the kart and discuss its features, pros, and cons for a better overview. Let’s get started!

Sodi Furia 950 2022: An Overview

Kart racing does not only mean that adults will dominate the racecourse. There are our young novice friends aspiring to become pros. And keeping that in mind, the manufacturers of this famous brand have brought Sodi Furia 950 to the market. This one comes with features that are appropriate for the Minime (7 to 11 years) and cadet (10 to 13) drivers to compete efficiently.

Let’s know the features of the kart in detail.


The kart is supported by the Rotax 125 MINI-MAX engine. This is a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine appropriate for novice drivers. It provides the maximum torque of 10 Nm at 7.500 rpm.

The 12 kg engine also provides 124.8 cm3 displacement, dry centrifugal clutch, integrated water pump, liquid coiling, and oil-in-fuel lubrication system. Also, the engine can reach 11 HP at 8.500 pm. These basic features are enough and appropriate for younger drivers.

The vehicle can also be paired with an IAME GAZELLE 60 MINIME engine. While the former is more popular, the latter has also proved to be efficient enough on the kart.

Hydraulic Rear Brake System:

The manufacturers have included the Hydraulic Rear Brake System keeping the safety factor in mind. It consists of a Ø175 ventilated Brake disc. Along with it comes the floating brake support system. The rear brake system also comes with two Ø25 piston Calipers and an Ø19 master cylinder. This Hydraulic Brake system makes the ride safer. Hence, no worries for our little competitors.

Mychron 5:

This kart comes along with the AIM Mychron 5. The AIM Mychron 5 is a graphical display that shows all the information about speed and time. This is a high-resolution display with wifi and a GPS. Not only does it monitor the pace, but this multifunctional display can also log and store gear temperature, lap timings, and rpm. This has been included to make the riding a smart and easy one.

Adjustable steering wheel:

One of the most needed features of any kart, for that matter, is the steering wheel’s flexibility. Riding a kart, primarily competing in a race, requires certain pullovers and turns, which are not possible without flexible steering wheels. And thankfully, this vehicle comes with an adjustable steering wheel that can support 10°, 20°, or 30° tilting easily.

Fuel capacity:

Another required feature of any kart is the fuel chamber or the fuel capacity. The Sodi Furia 950 has aced this department. The kart comes with a 4.5 l ergonomics fuel tank. This supports the longer courses and provides more legroom for the rider.

Excentric kit:

The Sodi Furia 950 comes to us with an excentric kit. The all-new version of the vehicle has introduced easy assembly of the kit. This kit helps adjust the height of the frame and adds more of the same.





Sodi kart is probably the leading company when it comes to go-karts. The manufacturers of this brand produce premium quality vehicles. Each vehicle comes with a different design and different features. According to that, the kart is sold. But on a general note, an average quality Sodi kart would probably range between $4000 to $6000.

One of the best and fastest electric go-karts is the all-electric Daymak C5 Blast. It is so fast that it can reach 0 to 60 mph within just 1.5 seconds!

Sodi Karts are worth every penny. They are known to build the highest quality go-karts. Drivers and riders are pretty satisfied with their products. Even riders like Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have had Sodi karts in their career. So, on a general note, they are fantastic.

Sodi RT8 is one of the most credited models of the company. The vehicle has proved to provide one fast and smooth riding experience on the track. it can reach a speed of 65 mph

Depending on the design, a Sodi kart can be differentiated. If you speak about adult karts, they might weigh between 125 to 150 kg. and the kid’s karts may weigh between 70 to 80 kg.


Sodi Karts made its debut in the market in 1981. And since then, they have been slaying in the department of rental karts and competition chassis. The brand has been recognized by many as one of the best manufacturers of go-karts.

In their premium list, they have the Sodi Furia 950 2022. Looking at all of its features, we have concluded that the kart is undoubtedly a fantastic one.

Apart from the complex assembling technique and a little downside on the build quality, everything else is just perfect. But if you think you can negotiate with the minuscule cons, this kart is a golden deal for you.