Best Electric Go Kart For An 8 Year Old

For someone right at ( or just around ) the special age of 8 years old, I would like to recommend no less than the one and only Razor Force FURY Drifter Kart…. guess what age you need to be to start driving it? He he heh heh heh…. 8 exactly ( so that’s convenient …. think of buying it as a “birthday present for turning 8” to your son or daughter, and watch how their faces light right up ) . Get in on Amazon with standard ( or even frustration – free ) packaging, and set it up in minutes …. it’s only around $ 350 for a new one. That’s a pretty good deal, if you know anything about electric go kart pricing. Now keep this in mind as well, my friends….

First of all, if your kid is classy and stylish, and likes to show off, then you might think about getting them one of these in a silver color. It’s perfect for that and shows off their glittery, glamorous personality and flair. If, on the other hand, they just so happen to enjoy being more plain and simplistic ( perhaps with an introverted personality of their own, as well ) , then you might instead opt in for a white one. Heck, if you want to meet somewhere in the middle ( and your child is perhaps a bit of both personalities or tastes alike …. or they just like the color blue ) , then get them the blue one. Pick wisely from any of the three main colors this go kart comes in ( or, heck, just let them pick the color for themselves …. and you’ll know you can’t go wrong, he he he he heh ) .

Now when it comes to the valid issue of temperament, then the FURY should also be the right go kart to get your child ( in other words, if they get ‘fired up easily’ or have a quick temper, throw lots of tantrums, etc ) . It sparks up “fake flame sparks” from its wheels, it’s got the word “fury” on the front in red letters, and all in all, it helps them settle in with their personality and tastes. It’ll also give your child something to vent with … a healthy hobby. The max speed is 12 miles per hour, and you get a solid, 24 V battery ( already in place ) for it upon purchase.