Yamaha GP1800 R HO

Meta: Are you looking to purchase a WaveRunner? If yes, the Yamaha GP1800R HO is coming with the latest 2021 version for you that’s fast, robust, and elegant.

These days, the craze for WaveRunners is at an all-time high. Unlike the traditional jet skis where you are most likely to stand while piloting it, you get to steer the WaveRunner while seated. So, this is one of the major reasons why WaveRunners are becoming popular.

Due to this, more and more WaveRunner brands are coming up in the market. Though it’s good from the variety point of view as you get to choose from multiple wave runners, it’s equally confusing.

To help you with this, today I’m going to review the Yamaha GP1800R HO 2021 version. Unlike its previous models, the 2021 model features new details, technology, and race performance. So, continue reading the article to know more about it.

Yamaha GP1800R HO - A Quick Overview

To start, the Yamaha GP1800R HO resembles the company’s most successful race ski, i.e. the Yamaha GP1800R SVHO. Hence, you get the same performance in the GP1800R HO as you’d get in the GP1800R SVHO. For example, a few of the key upgrades in the former include a new deck design, tilt handlebars, launch control modes, etc.

Not to forget its fuel-efficient and lightweight design. It also comes with 15% more storage space than its predecessor. This storage space covers the various areas of the WaveRunner.

Below I have discussed the various aspects of this Yamaha GP1800R HO in detail. So, let’s see where it stands.


The WaveRunners from Yamaha are famous for their super-fast engines. The Yamaha GP1800R HO is no exception to this. It comes with a powerful four-cylinder 1812cc high output engine. Due to this, it delivers the largest water displacement in its range.

Further, this engine is also popular for its high-performance acceleration, top speeds, excellent fuel economy, low noise, and reduced emissions. Thus, if you love speed, the GP1800R HO is for you.

Audio System

If there is one common issue that you will find with the majority of the WaveRunners, it’s their poor audio system. However, with the Yamaha GP1800R HO, this is not the case. It comes with a custom and optional GP audio system.

It includes dual 4½ inch marine speakers (waterproof) and an integrated 2 channel (50W per channel) amplifier. You also get an easy access control pad with a low-voltage regulator for battery’s protection.

Thus, all these components make Yamaha’s audio system the best in class.

Industry-first Auto Trim

While you will find electric trim control on the handlebars of several WaveRunners, this Yamaha GP1800R HO has something more unique than this. It has the first-ever auto trim that works independently of the electric trim.

When you engage auto trim on GP1800R HO, the cornering control feature will shift the trim into the bow down position when decelerating. This will give you extra pace and a racing feel while riding through the water.

Additionally, you get tighter cornering with this. The launch control feature of the GP1800R HO will then shift the trim down to prevent bow rise while accelerating.

Steering and Handlebars

Be it a WaveRunner or race ski, their steering and handlebars are most important. This is because they influence your ride quality and comfort level.

Talking about the Yamaha GP1800R HO, it comes with all-new race-style handlebars. They look fantastic. Moreover, they offer four tilt positions to suit your riding style. Thus, you can enjoy your ride while standing or sitting.

Latest hull and deck

When you are buying any WaveRunner, its hull and deck are the most important aspects to look for. In the Yamaha GP1800R HO, the hull features a cutting-edge V keel, modified strakes, and soft bow chines.

All this helps the GP1800R HO deliver extra stability on waves, soft handling, and better responsiveness.

Talking about the deck, it has the latest design out of all the models of the Yamaha GP series. The deck features deeper & self-draining footwells to avoid water pooling on the WaveRunner. Also, the seat design is new.

Due to this, you get a better grip and overall comfort throughout your ride.

Ultra-light NanoXcel2

If you think NanoXcel is lightweight, you are wrong. Today’s Yamaha GP1800R HO uses a deck and hull made out of ultra-light NanoXcel2. As per studies, NanoXcel2 is around 18% lighter and stronger than NanoXcel.

This material helps deliver Yamaha GP1800R HO higher acceleration, maximum speed, better fuel economy, and handling.

All-new Connext LCD screen

The all-new Yamaha GP series comes equipped with a Connext LCD screen. Such a screen improves your ride quality as it depends upon several factors.

For example, this LCD screen has certain features that let you customize your top speed, acceleration, and much more. Further, it also has an in-built PIN system. It removes the need for an additional remote fob.

To control all the features of the Connext LCD screen, you get an easy-to-use touchpad next to your steering column.




What is the horsepower (HP) of the Yamaha GP1800R HO?

The Yamaha GP1800R HO delivers 350hp due to which it is capable of offering great acceleration and top speed of 86mph.

What are the colors available for the Yamaha GP1800R HO?

The Yamaha GP1800R HO comes in cyan or black with lime yellow.

What is the cooling system of the Yamaha GP1800R HO?

The Yamaha GP1800R HO has a water-cooling system.

Final verdict

Considering the additional features of the Yamaha GP1800R HO 2021 model compared to its previous models, today’s version is so far the best. For example, you get better fuel economy and more acceleration, among others.

What separates it from the rest is its ultra-lightweight design. Unlike the other models which used NanoXcel as the key material, today’s models use NanoXcel2. It’s 18% lightweight than the former and stronger.

In short, if you love riding through water and harsh waves, you should get your hands on the Yamaha GP1800R HO. It’s currently the best WaveRunner in the market you can buy.