Go Kart Seats

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Seats? Used? Yuck. Get new ones…. he he he heh —- there is always the chance that some slobbering, sweaty rider got their germs and other junk on that seat and could not get the smell off of it… that has happened to me one time, do believe it or not. And I had to go and buy another used go kart because this eBay guy disappeared after the sale, and it became a whole long process trying to get any small part of my money back from the sale ( I had paid around more than $700 for that go kart and its yucky seat. He he he heh ) . But anyways, the thing about life is that we live and we learn, and then we repeat… all over again, hopefully remembering what we learned as we move forward. I know I do.

With go kart seating, the thing that you want to keep in mind is, all in all, comfort. Comfort and style. Two things then. And they both can go hand in hand as has been said by all sorts of pros in the industry of go kart manufacturing ; many seats, you will find, are harder and firmer than others. This can be a good thing or this can be a bad thing, all in all…. it depends on the need and the setting, so to speak. For instance, when drag - racing or Indy - racing using go karts ( whether you can make some money off of it or not ) , you ideally want to get a firmer, less move - able seat, something just a little bit harder than the usual ones that you might be used to. This is to help keep your back and spine straight, keep up sitting straight up, as it will naturally make you do…. in full attention to the track and to the other racers in front of your lanes ( that is because, when we sit on something nice, cozy and warm, all in all… we tend to relax and get a bit lazy, and that is the way it works here ; if you do not believe me, just tell me how many times you have ever wanted to get up and go for a run after relaxing into your favorite night - chair by the home theatre TV system? Same concept right here ) .

Did you know that, by the way, most go karts come built with adjustable features and parts? I did not know this when I was a lot younger, but I wish I did. I’ll tell you that. What I mean is that most parts can be mended, amended, or even taken out and replaced ( seats included ) . For instance, you can even put a bar stool in there for a seat. And they DO make bar stool go karts, by the way. I’ll talk about that some time.