Go Kart Gearbox

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Want to look at a gear box with me today? One that’s for go karts like yours, of course, nothing less? Then come over to this page, with me, and let’s start by looking at just one —- Amazon.com: Mophorn Go Kart Forward Reverse Gear Box 10T #40/41 12T #35 Go Karts Accessories TAV2 30 40 41 For 2HP-7HP Engine, Transmission Local Honor, 3 Shift Modes, ONLY Works with 30 Series Torque Converter: Automotive

I like it cause it’s sturdy, out of so many other reasons…. I mean that it’s not cheap material that makes this. It’s good stuff. High - quality metals that have been welded and processed into place, to give you the final result, is what I’m talking about right here and now. And yes, as a matter of fact, this process, if you really must know, all took place in an industrial - like power plant sort of environment or back drop, if you will…. with quality metal fabricators and techs working hard behind the wheel. What goes on in these power factories is so amazing that you can literally not be able to capture all of it with a simple tour and watching clips online… you would have to be there a full day or week to really see the scope of the process and its details, he heh heh, which gives me some much new - found respect for those in this work. That is an under - statement, I must divulge, but you get the point made here.

And these gear boxes, when they cost at least $100, tend to be such high - quality metal…. all in all. The best ones I have seen, as well, have rested on Amazon and eBay. There is perhaps no greater two sites that a man in search of a go kart gear box can go to, these days. Now more on this gear box I told you I like…..

So next point in mind —- I want to share with you the fact that it works with all 3 main sort of ‘positions’ …. forward, neutral and of course, reverse. Just like a car, eh? Very neat. And this alloy - steel product has a chrome outside. It is also very easy, I mean VERY easy, to install to use. I mean, it is as simple as picking up the manual with it and just reading along as you do it…. no - brainer there.

You get the lever assembly, of course, plus the disc, not to mention the trans lines ( or transmission lines, he heh ) , the sprocket wheels, and even the mounting plates that you need. It all comes included. That is one really stylish gear box kit, if you were to ask me. Would you not agree so? And if you happen to want to see more, just search “similar results”, that link on the page, which takes you to similar products Amazon is selling.