Margay Racing

Initially branded as “Mar-Kart”, this American kart manufacturer didn’t produce world-class karts back in 1964 when it came into being. They started designing go-kart compatible gearboxes. These quick-change gearboxes, being popular back then, are still being used as a shifter in karts.

For 2 years, the company manufactured gearboxes and other additional components for karts. After that, Elmer Freber, the founder of Margay Racing, decided to step into the kart manufacturing industry and revolutionize the same.

After Margay Racing entered fully in the kart manufacturing industry, it also started designing its chassis. In 1966, Freber decided to rebrand the company’s name to “Margay.” He wanted to enclose everything he wanted to accomplish by doing so. That’s why the transition from Mar-Kart to Margay took place.

FYI: Margay is a species of the big cat family identical to the Jaguar that can sprint at a rate of 80mph! A pretty appropriate name for the company, which went on to become the largest kart manufacturer in the United States.

Margay Racing - Top Karts Overview

Now that we’ve learned about the history of Margay, let’s explore some top-selling karts from the brand. So here are my top picks from Margay’s line-up.

Ignite K3

Karting isn’t meant only for adults and is equally popular among kids. Keeping this in mind, Margay came up with its Ignite K3. Specifically designed for kids from 12 to 15 years of age, Ignite K3 is highly flexible and competitive at the same time.

The Ignite K3 is for anyone new to karting or who already has previously experienced karting.

This beast promises you a lower maintenance bill and repair costs as you improve your karting skills in a competitive environment. It comes with a few value-added packages, such as the rolling chassis package, a gear with completely uninstalled components, and a track-ready package.

Some of the notable features included are:

Wildcat Kid Kart

Next on this list is the Wildcat Kid Kart from Margay. It’s regarded as the best kart chassis including all the must-have features for children inclined to go-karting. This Wildcat kart has various adjustments to ensure you don’t purchase a new kart as your kid grows.

The pedal platform and seat are adjustable to help drivers of varying heights adjust flawlessly. You can purchase Wildcat as a kit package, a track-ready package, or a rolling chassis.

Note that the kit package comes with uninstalled components and the track-ready package may incur additional costs.

Some of the notable features included are:

Brava 125

The Brava 125 series was introduced in the early 90s to compete in the 125cc race category. That’s why the model uses a 125cc engine in conjunction with 2-stroke IAME X30.

This cart is one of the most perfect and competitive karts for all categories of racers. Like every other Margay kart, the Brava 125 also comes with a roller chassis, kit pack, and track-ready pack.

Some of the notable features are:

Margay X2

The Margay X2 sells for its innovative design established at par with the European karts. This particular model is engineered for 18+ racers and comes with a dual 206 4-cycle class engine. It’s not only long-lasting but trustworthy and mechanically easy at the same time.

The Margay X2 comes with an ever-reliable Billet braking design and race-ready package complete with all the Hoosier tires pre-installed.

Some of the notable features included are:

Besides world-class karts, Margay Racing serves you with kart bodyworks, accessories, premium laser alignment tools, adjustable karting seats, kart tires, and more.


Margay Racing has genuinely committed itself to the karting industry by paying all its attention to the details for the karts. That’s the reason for its vibrant record in the karting industry to date.

Their karting chassis is excellent and possesses the ability to compete with all the best karting companies available out there. As a karting company, Margay is still very young and has a lot of space for its new lucrative models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: The Brava 125 is the best Margay Racing kart to date. This kart chassis features an ever-reliable and long-lasting 125cc engine. It’s also an award-winning series ideal for serious racers.

Ans: The Wildcat Kid Kart is the best Margay racing kart for kids. The kart chassis features all must-have options for children interested in karting on the go.

Ans: Yes, Margay Racing karts are reliable and suitable for racers of all age groups. They are equipped with industry-standard and high-performance engines suitable for racing. Let’s not forget about the built-in features that streamline karting to a great extent.