Electric Go Carts - Ultimate Guide

Go-kart racing is considered one of the most popular recreational activities globally. And not only kids but adults also participate in this fun activity quite a lot.

While the traditional gas-operated go-karts have gained a lot of popularity, there’s another competitor in the market. That is the electric go-kart. Some riders already have put them over the traditional ones.

In case you want to get yourself one and are confused about what to buy, this article is for you. Often we do not know what exactly we are looking for. And with the market being flooded with different brands and products, we might get lost!

Hence, this detailed guide is for you to make your job easier while choosing an electric go-kart. Also, you will get a list of some of the best products on the market.

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What is an Electric go-kart?

An electric go-kart is a vehicle that is supported by an electric motor. Unlike the traditional petrol-supported ones, electric karts do not cause pollution. These are fundamentally created for recreational usage. However, riders from all over the globe have shown an interest in using these in competitions as well.

Even some drivers choose electric karts over the petrol operated ones because of their advantages. Electric karts often have a better torque and speed than their traditional counterparts. Also, they are low-maintenance vehicles and can run with lead-acid batteries. Some manufacturers include lithium-ion batteries as well.

Once fully charged, an electric go-kart will go for about half an hour (on an average calculation). These karts do not have inflammable material (like petrol). Hence, there are fewer chances of accidents. However, sometimes batteries, especially lithium ones, can cause the issue.

What to look for while choosing an electric go-kart?

Several facts contribute to the superiority of an electric go-kart. Let us break everything down for you so that you can choose one for yourself.

Build Quality:

The main feature that everyone looks for is the build quality of the vehicle. Make sure to check the quality of a vehicle before getting your hands on it. All the materials used in the go-kart must be of premium quality. It should be durable and strong enough to hold the rider for quite a long time. Make sure you take a closer look at this.


Speed is another feature that probably all go-karts riders and buyers look for. Generally, a 12 to 15 mph speed is good for recreational driving. However, make sure you choose an engine that is capable of operating and handling more than that. A speed parameter of fewer than ten miles per hour is not at all acceptable.


Since electric karts do not function on fuel, they derive energy from batteries. Now, that is a significant point of concern. A robust battery will give you a smooth and continuous ride of forty-five minutes or about fifty minutes.

It also takes less time to be fully charged. So, make sure you take a look at the maximum battery life. Do not go for an option that offers a functional time of anything less than forty minutes in a single charge.

Also, sometimes Lithium-ion batteries cause difficult issues of fire catching. Make sure you choose wisely. Take a look at the battery type and then purchase.

Brake and tire:

If you do not think of safety while driving, then that is a dangerous deal. That is probably the last thing that you might want. Hence, take a closer look at the brake system. Be it a regenerative brake, a hydraulic one, or a mechanical one, make sure it has a good grip over the engine. Also, take a look at the wheelbase and tire of the vehicle because that also provides control over the kart.

Steering wheel:

An adjustable steering wheel is always needed in a go-kart. The turns and twists in the track cannot be managed without an adjustable wheel. Make sure that the steering wheel can support maximum tilt.

Best electric go-karts to choose from:

BSR Racing Kart Pro:

The BSR Racing Kart Pro is actually made for professionals. This one comes with a robust 25 kW brushless motor that is air-cooled. It can reach a speed of 80 to 84 mph easily. And speaking of the acceleration, 0-62 mph is achieved in just 3.3 seconds.



Razor Crazy Cart XL:

This one can be the best budget option for an adult and even for a kid. The Razor Crazy Cart can support 109 kg of weight from the driver. With a 36-volt battery, this one can give you a run time of 40 minutes straight. The maximum speed of this kart is 14 miles per hour, and it provides sufficient torque.




The smaller karts designed for kids might need 350 to 800 watts of the motor. It is basically on the lighter side. Medium range vehicles will require a 1,000 to 2,000 watts motor. And lastly, pro karts or heavier designs need 2000 watts and above for competing.

There are some tricks to make your go-kart faster. You can optimize your carburetor and upgrade your go-kart. Make sure you omit all the unnecessary elements that increase the weight. Install a turbocharger and re-gear your vehicle. These four ways might increase the vehicle’s pace.

A seven-hp kart is enough if it is designed for kids and recreational usage. However, if you look for an adult, make sure you choose something of 13 hp or higher.


So, this was the ultimate guide for electric go-karts. Ensure you check all the essential requirements before getting a kart for yourself. Also, you may choose one from the list that we have provided.

If all of the concerned areas are fulfilled, then you can be assured of a smooth ride on the track.