Honda Minimoto Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

So when we come to talk about the Honda Minimoto go kart, or any go kart, we come here, right? We came to Efrain first. He is the true guru on these things ( in a humble way, if he can say so himself, he he he heh ) . Anyways, you guys, thank you so much for coming to me first and for checking this out. Let me begin…..

You will want to first know that this go kart is an official product of Honda, licensed and certified state - wide and inter - nationally, too, of course. So it is the real deal and a true Honda - brand vehicle just like any car that you might have gotten from them. Know that. Know, too, that it can move at almot 20 miles per hour ( an exact estimate of 18, as the top speed, from the last time I tested it out to the max, and according to what Honda has stated as well in its press talks, which I always devour like a hungry vulture…. eager to learn more on their new plans and on which go kart models they may plan to sell - out with next, he he he heh ) .

Now with all that said, I would also like to ask you to be merely mind - ful of the simple fact that in terms of watts, these little guys get 500 w. Not bad for a little guy, am I wrong? And they are internally air - cooled, which is one of my fave parts about them, too…. proper inner ventilation is crucial to keeping these guys going at their best and not over - heating or burning out, after all. And speaking of which, their air cooler is made by Vortek, a good brand known for making these internal coolers and systems…. well - trusted by most folk, all in all.

And did you happen to know this? ( yes, it gets even better, he he he heh ) …..The battery is re - chargeable. It gets 36 - volts, even better than the 24 - volt ones you have likely seen around everywhere. The charger comes included if you buy the whole thing right from Honda, or from a “new” seller that will sell it new. Try not to go on eBay for these if it is, at all, avoidable, as these products are very unique and need to be both bought and serviced in their prime state, and ideally, by their original dealer. Just keep that in mind, now.

Also, its racing tires are one - of - a - kind and I’m not just pointlessly blurting that out. As a matter of fact, it is well worth mentioning they’re high - grip pneumatic ones, meaning of great quality and tread, all in all. And not only that, but keep them at 27 psi ( free tip, he heh ) , and you’ll have no problems making tight corner turns.