Sea-Doo GTI SE

For many, Sea-Doo GTI SE is the best personal watercraft. Do you know why? Well, Sea-Doo offers a package of better handling, streamlined designed hull, and added convenience to make riding this jet ski fun.

If you are also planning to add a jet ski to your fleet, consider GTI SE. It’s available in two engine options, so you can enjoy cruising at high speeds. In this post, I’ve reviewed the Sea-Doo GTI SE along with the two engine options it is available with.

So read on, and find out why GTI SE is the best jet ski in the segment.

Sea-Doo GTI SE: An Overview

Frankly, I loved everything about GTI SE. From its super durable hull to its powerful engine and cooling system. Furthermore, it has a bigger floating deck, and you can even enjoy fishing with this jet ski.

Here are the noticeable features of Sea-Doo GTI SE.

Engine and Performance

As I told you before, the jet ski is available in two engine options. The GTI SE 130 model features a 130 HP naturally aspirated engine with 1630 cc engine displacement. Furthermore, the engine runs on 87 Octane fuel and returns a good mileage.

With a maximum speed of 50 mph, the 130HP engine offers decent performance and has amazing acceleration. Sea-Doo offers a 170 HP engine for those who love punchy performance.

With a maximum speed of 56 mph, this jet ski can easily beat any watercraft of the same segment. The best part about Sea-Doo GTI jet skis is the fuel efficiency.

Lastly, both engines come equipped with D-Sea-BeI™ Exhaust System, so expect the jet ski to be a little loud.

Music Onboard

With Sea-Doo GTI SE, you get a company-fitted infotainment system. The jet ski comes equipped with Bluetooth Audio Premium System that’s compatible with Android and iPhone. You can create a vibe with a swipe of a finger.

Furthermore, the remote control pad lets you switch between different tracks and adjust the volume on the go.

Built-in Riding Modes

The Sea-Doo GTI SE comes equipped with two riding modes, i.e., Sport and Eco. When you switch to the Sport mode, expect the engine to become performance-oriented, and you will feel the difference in the acceleration as well.

On the other hand, the Eco mode is there to give you better fuel efficiency. There’s a button available under the display that helps you select modes. When you choose a mode, it gets displayed on the screen, so you can be sure you are riding the jet ski in the right mode.

4.5 Inch Digital Display

You’ll surely love the 4.5-inch digital display on GTI SE. The orange/red backlit makes it appear even more attractive. You get all the essential details displayed on the screen. From fuel level to trip and boat’s level, you get everything you need to know.

Nothing gets displayed on the screen related to the infotainment system, as it has dedicated controls.

Closed Loop Cooling System (CLCS)

The CLCS system keeps the engine in the optimal temperature range and prevents the motor from overheating. Furthermore, this jet ski doesn’t use saltwater to cool down the engine, which reduces the chances of corrosion in the engine and its parts.

Excellent Rider Capacity

Both engine options available in the Sea-Doo GTI SE lineup can accommodate three passengers. The weight capacity of this watercraft is 600 lbs. Talking about the seat’s comfort, it has small separators, so all the three passengers riding on it get added comfort even at high speeds.

Large Swim Platform

This large swim platform in GTI SE makes it a superb choice. The watercraft gets improved floatation due to the bigger platform, and that makes this jet ski perfect for cruising at slow speeds.

Furthermore, there is a LinQ™ attachment, and you can tow a tube with it to have added fun. Make sure to buy a durable rope from Sea-Doo as it’s highly durable and fits well with this watercraft.

Larger Front Storage

The storage space in Sea-Doo GTI SE is best in the category. You get 40.2 gals. / 152 L storage space that’s perfect for carrying diving gear and other accessories. Have a look at the storage space in the image, and you’ll have an idea of how many items you can stash in it.

Sea-Doo GTI SE: Specifications

Specs Sea-Doo GTI SE
Engine Options 130 HP and 170 HP
Fuel Capacity 15.9 US gal / 60 L
Rider Capacity 3
Storage Space 42.5 US gal / 160.8 L
Gauge Main Functions Speedometer, Speed Regulator, VTS Display, Sport Mode, ECO® Mode, Slow Mode, RPM, Vehicle Hour Display
Hull Type GTI Hull
Warranty BRP’s limited warranty covers the watercraft for one year.

Pros and Cons: Sea-Doo GTI SE




Q: Does the Sea-Doo GTI SE have good fuel efficiency?

A: Yes! This jet ski comes loaded with a Rotax engine that consumes less fuel and delivers more power. However, the fuel efficiency depends on several factors, such as the speed and the mode you ride the jet ski in.

Q: How long does a Sea-Doo engine last?

A: As a rule of thumb, the engine of a 4-stroke Sea-Doo jet ski can last for around 300-500 hours. However, a 2-stroke engine can last approximately 200-300 hours.

Q: Can I pull a water skier with Sea-Doo GTI SE?

A: Yes! The powerful jet ski can easily pull a water skier. Make sure to attach the rope securely to the tow hook so that the person water skiing behind the boat gets better control and safety.

Conclusion: Is Sea-Doo GTI SE Worth It?

With its powerful engine and super-durable hull, Sea-Doo GTI SE is worth every penny. You can choose from two powerful engine options along with an optional Bluetooth audio system to make riding even more fun.

Overall, GTI SE is a perfect choice for families and jet ski enthusiasts looking to enjoy. Lastly, Sea-Doo lets you customize the watercraft so you can choose between attractive colors and other such things when buying it.