Polaris RZR Trail

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

Sport, Premium, Ultimate … these are likely the names you have heard on it, by word – of – mouth.

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

Perhaps you have been in literal awe to find out that amazing rides like the The Polaris RZR Trail exist, much more so, with the many kinds of models it comes in: You can get the following and more below…

This 50 – inch – wide type of vehicle can fit in just about any place a typical ATV can but offers so much more with itself. Pick from any of the Sport, Premium or Ultimate models. They’ve each got a twin cylinder on them, which is so nice.

Each offers 4 – stroke as well as DOHC. In addition to that, their engine is entire EHI – capable and kicks some butt, he he he he heh. The EBS on this model ( across its 3+ sub – models and others of this line – up, too, even ) , otherwise known as the engine braking system, is really one hell of a good piece, well put in there … and it does its job like nothing else, I can truly tell ya. Every Trail model, at large, also has full large and open doors that open with style and ease ; they are firm and well – planted on the torso of the vehicle, making sure they will not come off with any type of basic bump or run – in on the road. It would take, as a matter of fact, a very hard collision to knock them out of place ( God forbid it should happen, of course …. ) .

What else what else what else???? That can’t be all that’s good right?

I also like the very fact that they each come with a nice new cock – pit, and from the looks of things, it is slightly larger and more angled than before ( in least in the models that were made prior ) . It is overall elegant and cozy to sit in … a very warm place to place your buns and be seated for a nice, long day’s ride ( he he he he heh … your buns will be cozy against this fine – grain leather, have no doubt of that, my dear friend ) . They are wide and ample, too, made to seat all kinds of big, medium, small or extra big people, of course. Just about anyone can fit in here.

You also get a front – and – center type of visual dash – board that is just a tad bit different than the ones - The Polaris has featured before in its past pine – ups. This new one sure offers a nice little touch and feels “like something new, for sure”, according to what so many other buyers ( and not just me, he he he he heh ) have also said on it.