Wheel Spacers

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

If you know about cars, at all, you might actually still not know what a wheel spacer can do and why people ever even buy one, in the first place…. which is okay. Efrain is here, once more, to share a word. Let me tell you some things, first of all making mention of the fact that, in some places, wheel spacers are, as a matter of fact ( no lie ) illegal. Yup. You heard me right. But it depends on the application and the local laws and much other stuff.

Anyways, wheel spacers are, more often than not, what you can use when putting on BIGGER tires. They are usually not for small installs and such, as you can imagine. Now, let me tell you what these spacers can do…. they fit themselves right over the holding bracket of the car in an effort to then create some extra space ( hence the cool name, ha ha ha hah, “spacers” ) or clearance, if you will, between both your wheel hub’s assembly area and your wheel itself. Not bad, eh? Did you even know that something like this existed? You may not have, and neither did I…. even the best of auto experts are unfamiliar with these types of spacers as they are not talked about too much, in most places. But they need more attention and word – of – mouth, I guess, so that people will even know that they exist. Hence the purpose of the page you are reading now, he he he heh….

So to get greater distance and offset, in other words, you need wheel spacers. At the very least, they’ll help. And did you know that they match with the volt pattern on your car when they make their effort to fit right over the studs you’ve got placed on there? Yup. They adjust and adapt. This allows your wheel to be able to mount itself more normally and things to flow more smoothly in the process.

Cars that do not use wheel spacers on their custom – made or custom – designed / adjusted wheels can face a number of issues…. such as the wheels sitting too close to the wheel well.

You also get better performance, 9 times out of 10, with wheel spacers. This is a true fact. And of course, you get a unique appearance, all in all. It can even feel like you have a different car, or at least, one that’s been super touched – up in the area of the wheels…. giving you that feeling of ‘new’ still. And did I tell you that better traction, as well as handling, are also some added benefits? Well, I tell you here and now! This second.

Yup… it’s a fact. You get better cornering and all. This is also because, when spacers are in, the wheels will sit further away from your car’s hub assembly, thereby affecting traction.