Sea-Doo Spark Oil Change Kit

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

As I never fail to say, and so often repeatedly, he heh, be safe and be smart! And as it applies here to changing your oil on your Sea – Doo Spark, why not be a step ahead and just get a kit that does some of the work for you and shows you everything you need? I always say that’s the smartest way to go, all in all!

You will probably want both of these: is an easy place to get your kit for this model, or heck, even for any other model of Sea – Doo you might have. You can order from the site and have it shipped home, with a few shipping fees, of course, but nothing crazy expensive. I can attest that all items tend to arrive within the week, if you are located in the U.S.

Now, a kit like this can cost anywhere from $65 and up, depending on where you buy, what sales are going on, etc. I personally like using Amazon, even more than I do, because you can always save a few dollars more there. But to each his own, of course. And these kits tend to come with a fully – synthetic blend of 5W – 40 or something very similar, all in all. They include the washer, the o – rings, the filter, and of course, the most important part of all —- THE OIL ITSELF. Heh heh.

You can save both time, effort, and moo – lah with the ultra – convenience kit they sell, as they call it, which has all you need in a single package, of course. Some kits, a little pricier than the $65 mentioned, but well worth it, even include a spark plug or two in there. You get synthetic base stocks, synthetic additives and much more all thrown into the mix, and as they claim, it’s for longer – lasting engines and performance. I always prefer to pay top dollar for these, and pay a little more upfront, than have to pay far more later in replacing my engine or transmission on the Sea – Doo, he heh. It’s better to invest early, as many would also agree!

The liquid volume on these can be anywhere from a gallon and up. They also tend to go for 4 – stroke engines best, which your Spark IS ALREADY, he heh, so you are good on that end. But either way, always do your research on the model you have before buying an oil change kit for it ; and to add to that note, and for reference, so you know just a bit more about your model, the Spark holds 87 octane engine fuel with an iTC™ throttle system ( which actually stands for Intelligent Throttle Control, which yes, does actually what it sounds like, he he heh ) . And to further note, you’re using a naturally aspirated engine intake system. So keep these things in mind when you choose your optimal oil change kit for your Sea – Doo Spark!

Sea - Doo Spark oil change kit

Change the oil, change the oil, change the oil!!!! Remember that song? If you don’t, he heh, then that’s not your fault —- I’m a bit of an oldies music ‘weirdo’ as some say. But anyways, when you want to change your oil on this nice kind of water – craft, a kit can be so helpful. And let me talk about what I like….

I like the ROTAX 900 ACE, which you can see here —- Sea-Doo SPARK Oil Change Kit Rotax 900 ACE SeaDoo Maintanance Service Kit: Automotive

And the reason this kit and I are so tight ( best buds, really… no joke ) would be, first of all, due to the fact that I can get it for just $65, give or take…. yup, I have not even spent $100 to get it, and I can pay less than I would with an auto oil change, he he he heh. And Can – Am, the brand that makes it all possible, also makes an O – ring for it that I really, really like ( I have used different kinds of O – rings before, on that note, but this one seems to ‘sit with me’, he heh, so to speak…. and I like the way it’s made, the way it fits in, and the way it feels, all in all…. it’s a good, quality one that, for a model like the Sea – Doo Spark, seems to go in and hold just right ) . Call me picky —- I like my details, he he he heh.

As for the O – ring included here with each kit, it’s a solid, dark black color, so the one thing, on another note entirely, that I will say, is THIS —- do not drop it in a dark place cause it can be hard to find. He heh. Trust me —- been there. But if so, bring out that flash – light and start your search, feeling around with your hands for it. But anyways, what also comes in this kit is the oil filter, which is so pristine and bright white, hard to miss ( especially in contrast with the O – ring itself, as I mentioned, he eh he hehe ) . It is both smoothly – designed and slim, and should fit right in. You also get a nice little ‘trio’ of spark plugs ( NGK style, of course ) , not to mention a synthetic oil ( XPS ) of 2 qtz to top things off, all in all….. so it’s a nice little package, all things considered.

Not only that, but this whole little do – hickey’, as I like to say, ranks super high online. It’s got 4.8 out of 5 stars so you can count on it to not let you down. For changing out the Spark’s oil, it’s both easy to setup and use, as well, not to mention there is tons of free YouTube advice.