Polaris Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Polaris makes some sick off - road vehicles that you can easily use as go karts, and in this page of the blog site, I would like to take you there. So close your eyes, relax them for just a bit, and allow me to do so. Trust me : I am your writer and guide, your online go kart best friend and adviser, and more than anything, the guy who cares about your knowledge on all things go karts. So let us begin.

First of all, I really like to stress just how much I love the Polaris RZR, which is one of the more sportish ones in the group and a top fave, if I may be honest. Now, keep in mind that with the RZRs, you have some for trails and light trailing, as some call it ; but then again, you also have some that are made more for serious performance and racing friends, etc. Now then on the other hand, you even have some that are built for slow up - hilling ( while hauling loads from behind, as well ) and rough - terrain climbing. Now for the first group of these that I have just mentioned here, we have the RZR Trail line - up models, which are the Trail, the Trail S, and the Trail 570.

Now for that second group, to follow up, we have the RZR RS1, the RZR XP 1000, the RZR XP TURBO, and of course, last but not least, the RZR PRO XP. And for that last group that I mentioned, we’ve got the RZR TURBO S ( which also qualifies to fall into this sub - category, all in all ), not to mention the RZR TURBO S- 4. Let me continue by telling you a bit of things on that first of three groups —- the first fact you should keep in mind is that these start at $11,000 and ride out to $15,500, just about…. so if money is a thing for you, save up. Drool over them long enough until you can buy one ; the US MSRP here, by the way, is what I have listed for those price ranges…. so if you are abroad or thinking of buying abroad, for your next trip, note that this price can be different ( try to buy from a 3rd - world, 3rd party refurbisher - seller who knows what they are doing and can get you some sort of a deal, perhaps ) .

The 2nd group of these RZRs starts at $16,000 and goes to $23,000 ; the third ranges from $23,500 to $26,500. So yes, we are looking at what you’d normally look at to pay for a vehicle itself. Like a car or truck. Tell me…. is it worth it? If you are passionate for one, then it is. You will MAKE it worth your while, and that is all I will say now.