Remote Controlled Delorean

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

You remember the old days of Marty McFly and Doc Brown? If you have no idea what in the world I am making some reference to, friends, then it is maybe time for you to jump on a blank web page and google “back to the future DeLorean” as you will see that this was a heck of a car that made its way in to the lives of movie – goers for all 3 movies of this amazing series. Yes, Back to the Future was ( and still is ) a solid hit for all ages of viewers, and we would more than likely all agree, as one! We the American people love this classic series of movies, not to mention this classic type of car. And of course, if you HAVE seen the movies, then you will more likely remember a few instances in which Marty, the main hero of the movies, was able to control certain movements of the car with a sort of remote – control device that he held in the palms of his hands. Remember that? Maybe it is time to go and re – watch, he heh heh. But if you do not remember, that is okay. Anyways, I would like to talk about such a contraption, for whatever brief and fleeting, few moments I have with you guys, this time around…. may I?

Well, assuming you said yes, I’ll keep writing, he he heh heh ( and you just help me by continuing to read, of course ) —- so the first thing I would like to point out, as a matter of fact, is that this remote – control system is real and has been used on this car before. Yup. There, I did say it. But I have more to say, as always…..

Also, you ought to know that the DeLorean DMC – 12 is, all in all, what I am mainly talking about here, guys —- yes, this special DeLorean model was actually remote – control capable and could be maneuvered and much more in this way. Is that not neat or what? I think it’s SUPER COOL.

And this feature was both invented and brought to the spot – light, at the time, by none other than a genius known as Bjorn Harms. Sadly, though, the DeLorean car was a more rare type of car and only about 10,000 of them ever existed. I guess that, that’s why Back to the Future was also such a popular movie, as it featured one ( and many people had not been able to see one or know that it looked like, apart from watching these films, he he he heh, as the internet did not exist back in the day…. yes, we’re talkin’ 80’s here ) .

This remote – controlled car came out very early at the beginning of that decade — in fact, right in its first year ( 1981 ) .