Jeremy Mcgrath

By Dirt - Bike Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy…. I love this guy, in case you can’t tell. And yes, that is why I want to write a new post on him, this time over —- I have talked about other people in the world of motor - cross, super - cross and more, but I have not yet gotten to pour my heart out, with you guys, in sharing all I can about Jeremy McGrath. So let’s talk now!

First of all, then, this guy was a big 90’s icon. In the super - cross celebrity world, he was the cream of the crop, as some like to say, and one of the best sports riders that you could ever see on the tv, in some ads, or even in the papers and presses ( not to mention live, in - person, at certain events back in the day ) . He won a solid SEVEN championships ( AMA ones, not to mention, which are not for any old Joe to ride in…. but really require only the best people to compete, all in all ) . And more so, these were all 250 cc ones, which I did not mention. Now, those dirt - bikes are powerful and kick some major butt, in case you did not know ( search up my other blogs about dirt - bikes and their cc potential / features…. I have written on 250 cc ones and more before on this site, or at least I think I have, he he he he he he heh ) ….

He was, some even say, and I won’t deny, ONE of the most influential super - cross foundational people in the entire history of all of super - cross. What I mean is that he is one of the people who most cemented super - cross as a sport and grew it into a real sensation and obsession, for many to drool over…. it is all that it is today, thanks to that. Thank you, Jeremy!

This all happened during the “McGrath Era” ( remember when it was called that? He he he heh…. now, it is looked back on and still remembered as such ) …. when he really popular, like I said, right around those 1990’s. He was the bomb! And he was not an arrogant sport celebrity like others that I had seen before…. he was, as a matter of fact, plainly, very humble and friendly ( I did not know him personally but have seen the way that he talked to fans, answered questions openly, and communicated himself in a public form, all in all…. you can see more on YouTube, too…. just search his name up ) .

Free - style motor - cross was not even a thing, back when he was super famous…. that is a sad fact. Imagine if it were. I think he’d go even more wild doing free - style, and we’d get more great footage of him! Oh, but if!