Sea-Doo Spark Gas Type

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

You are wondering on the gas type that you should go with for your Spark? Ah – ha! I knew that the happy day would come in which you would ask me, Efrain, your guy on all things, about this…. and with the day here, let me share on….

So first of all, you want an 87 octane on it…. trust me. Most experts and users agree. That is the best way to go. That is even what your user guide and maintenance guide will suggest, as well, so how can we all be wrong, he heh? Now, then, what else should you know and not forget? Well, you want an AKI of RON+MON / 2 if you want to get really technical with it, but no need, in most instances….. most of the time, you say “87 octane” and people will know what you are talking about and can direct you to it. So just remember 87 octane. That is the best gas for your Spark though it may be different with a few other select SEA – DOO branded models, but not with this one ( a point which would make a great topic for maybe another blog in the future, if you decide you want me to talk some more on that, you guys ) .

Now keep in mind that with fuel, it needs to be fresh ( and for God’s sake, to stay fresh, as well, he he he heh ) —- yes, it is easy to forget to release fuel and winter – ize if you are not going to be using the water – craft for some time….. but please pinch yourself in an effort not to forget, and remind yourself to remember, if you really care about the life of your jet ski here. And I know we all do! That’s why we keep riding those waters and keep maintaining our Sea – Doos in good shape, all in all!

What happens when you leave 87 octane ( or any type of fuel, in that case ) sitting in your tank for longer periods of time than normal? Well, let me break it down to you this way —- things will then start to OXIDIZE. And the level of octane itself in your tank, as a result ( believe me or don’t, but look it up for yourself as well…. in many YouTube videos, people go to great lengths to not only research and explain this but even show you in person what the devastating effects look like, to give you a lasting visual reminder you will almost certainly not forget, he he he heh ) , lower. Volatile compounds also start to get created, in there as well, and may even pose a risk of combustion, to be fully honest. Your fuel system can suffer, to say the least, requiring a repair or replacement. SO, in summary, get 87 gas types and use it!