Hammerhead GTS 150

Hammerhead is undoubtedly one of the leading brands in the go kart industry. The range of karts by the brand is beyond impressive. Hammerhead GTS 150 is one such powerful off-road go kart vehicle with a great engine, safety features, dual headlights, adjustable steering, and much more.

It is all-weather-friendly and is a favorite of older teens, land owners, and go kart racers. Let’s read about Hammerhead GTS 150 in detail.

What You Need to Know About Hammerhead GTS 150

Hammerhead GTS 150 is different from its peers. The build design and features are more practical with an emphasis on driver safety. The 5-point seatbelt, speedometer, wrap-around side panels, etc., have put GTS 150 on the bestseller’s list.

It has a 9HP, four-stroke, 149cc, air-cooled engine that packs a punch on uneven paths. It is a rear two-wheel drive with an automatic CVT clutch (by the Japanese Fuji brand) and a ground clearance of 5.8 inches. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and the 5-point harness seatbelt ensure you are safe inside the go kart.

The LxWxH dimensions of GTS 150 are 87x55x55 inches. It is suitable for older teens (minimum age 16) and adults. The two-seat go kart has different styling, with the brush guard in a drop-nose design for better appearance and usability. Furthermore, the vehicle has an electronic starter. You can track your speed on the speedometer and flash the dual headlights in dark conditions. The canopy top is aesthetically designed to protect you without interfering with your driving.

What’s more, Hammerhead GTS 150 comes in a variety of delightful colors and can be upgraded to suit your style and taste. Take your GTS 150 out on the tracks anytime you want. It has been built to sustain all weather conditions.

Specifications of Hammerhead GTS 150

Hammerhead GTS 150 weighs 515 lbs (dry weight) and has a capacity of 400 lbs. The 149cc four-stroke engine has an electric starter and uses SAE-10W/40 engine oil. The vehicle has a fuel capacity of 1.75 gallons.

It is a two-wheel-drive model with dual A-arm front suspension and swing arm rear suspension. You can travel on rocky paths and not feel the strain of a bumpy ride. The two front seats are individually placed and designed in a racing-style model for comfort and convenience.

We can see that Hammerhead has taken care to build a go kart with high-quality technology and components.

Is Hammerhead GTS 150 Safe?

Yes, it is. Hammerhead GTS 150 is an easy, safe, and comfortable ride. The seats are placed at enough distance to allow elbow space between the passengers. You don’t have to worry about your partner’s arm poking you and affecting your concentration.

The canopy top provides protection from rain and the hot sun. The sides are still open, so you should dress accordingly. The Polaris technology and components, along with the suspension designed to smooth bumpy rides, will ensure you stay safe in your seat even on uneven tracks.

The disc brakes work like a charm. The engine can easily handle up to 30mph when the go kart has a fully grown adult. You can be certain about not just surviving the ride but having fun throughout and getting home safely.

How to Operate Hammerhead GTS 150?

Follow the below steps to drive your Hammerhead GTS 150 safely.

Servicing of Hammerhead GTS 150

Owning a GTS 150 is just one part of the story; taking care of it is another. The performance and longevity of the kart depend on how well you maintain it. Always follow the instruction manual that comes with the vehicle.

Engine Lubrication

Check engine oil level every time before you drive the kart. The engine oil should be changed every six months or after every 300 miles (whichever comes first). Use only 10w40 (SN) conventional engine oil.

Vehicle Lubrication

Lubricate the cables, fittings, steering, front and rear suspension, and other components every three months or 500 miles. This eliminates the risk of jerky movements and breakdowns. The lubrication needs to be reapplied if you wash the kart or drive-through water.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid needs to be replaced with a fresh one every two years or 2000 miles (whichever comes first). Also, check the brake wires and components. Replace the unit if it looks worn out.

Replacing Front Wheel

Inspect the front wheel bearings regularly. Start paying attention as the kart gets closer to 1000 miles or twelve months old. Replace worn-out bearings. Do it for every 1000 miles to travel in the kart. Follow the same procedure for rear wheels.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filters need to be cleaned once a year (or after 600 miles of driving). Check thoroughly for leaks, dents, etc., in all parts.

Authorized Mechanic

You cannot perform the servicing of the go kart on your own. Any major inspections, cleaning, and replacements have to be handled by only an authorized mechanic.


Hammerhead GTS 150 can be customized and upgraded. However, it is vital to not include any component or fitting that is not approved by the manufacturer. Talk to the dealer if you have any questions.

Final Thoughts

Hammerhead GTS 150 is a great choice for off-road driving. You and your older teens can use it to drive around the property or go on mini races on the off-beaten paths. It is powerful, capable, comfortable, safe, and a convenient choice if you want a go kart for versatile purposes and all seasons. Choose one in your favorite color and have a fun ride.