Where Can I Drive My Go Kart Uk?

Private land you own or have legal access to, preferably a race circuit or track that meets all the acceptable requirements ( space – wise, safety, etc ) …. that is the short answer. You will, of course, be fully responsible for any damage or harm ensuing from an incident. Typically, if you are considering going on the highways, Highway Code will apply here, which is typically against all use of go karts ( only put in place with the idea of safety in mind ) . Not only would a go kart hold up a line of angry drivers behind you, as these vehicles typically can not go as fast as a usual car, or very fast at all, for that matter. But it can also be an issue of safety ; in the event of a collision, God forbid it should happen, yet can…. you will not be as safely protected or secured as you would be in a car itself ( which comes with air bags, seat belts of high degree impact, and countless other high – end tested safety features ) .

Public roads in the UK will not allow a go kart, 99 % of the time. Neither will private roads ( with a few exceptions, of which you will need to do your own research on ) . Go karts, across the UK ( whether you are in Australia, England or somewhere else ) , are typically labeled as “recreational vehicles” intended for use only to meet that purpose. Their bumpers and frames, on a secondary note, could not hold up to the impact of a serious high – speed collision either. Your body itself ( along with that of anyone riding in the seat next to you, if you are driving a 2 – seater go kart ) would be crushed upon impact, and the chance of survival would be unbearably low…. check the stats online on this, and you will see for yourself. A go kart collision is never a pretty sight ( and more than likely, auto insurance would not take your side on things without much hesitation, regardless of whether or not you were found at fault ) .

All these considerations have been taken into mind when making these public regulations, and the UK’s multiple authorities, as a larger governing body, have concurred the same. The goal, as mentioned, is ultimate public safety. There are just too many risks and ‘uncertains’ behind driving go karts publicly off the race track. Hopefully, this has helped.