Are Ngk Laser Iridium Plugs Worth It?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

They are worth it. They do make a difference. Let me tell you some more as to why …. ( no need to leave ya hanging on that answer, right? ) …..

Now first of all, I would like to make a simple point here, and that point is this, my friend —- these spark – plugs last longer than the typical ones you will see on the market. That is not a guess or a simple question …. mind you, it’s a fact. They always last longer than other types of spark – plugs, period. ( And of course, very few would ever argue otherwise, I believe … but if you disagree, that is perfectly okay, friend, and we can agree to disagree on this one ) ….

Now all in all, a longer component life – span is what you are committing to ( especially if you own a business that has several cars and you switch the spark – plugs in all of them to be NGK Laser Iridium ones, he he he he heh ) . 3,000 to 4,000 operating hours, and in some cases even a bit more, are what these spark – plugs tend to last. That’s quite a bit of time, would you not agree so? This helps, over time, to keep those repair charges down …. and it means less visits to the auto store or to your mechanic. Everyone wins ( at least, well …. you do, he he he he heh heh ) .

In addition, I would say that these types of spark – plugs are worth it simply because they are more durable than other kinds, overall. And by this, I simply mean that Iridium itself happens to belong to a specific group of ( platinum – type ) metals. And Iridium itself, as a side note, is one such material that is proven to actually be 8 times stronger than platinum …. so when you break this down and really think about it, what that means is that a spark – plug made from Iridium can actually take tons more damage to itself ( while being far less prone to sudden break – downs and other unexpected failures, at the same time ) before it will even begin to deteriorate. Is that not good news or what? NO : It’s GREAT NEWS to note!

You also have the simple, proven fact that these types of spark – plugs get much better resistance against certain temperatures as well. Did you know that the overall melting point of Iridium itself is actually quite high? No kidding …. it stands at about 2460 °C ( far higher than platinum, which can only take up to 1768 °C most of the time ) . Even copper itself can’t get nearly that high ( as its max is around 1084° C ) . So think on that for a bit. And I hope to chat with you in my next blog!