Lawnmower Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

So you are telling me, my friend, that you want to be one of those crazies ( and I like crazy, he he heh heh ) who builds a go kart out of a lawn mower’s engine? Well, then I am about to take you right there. Anything is possible if you just know what the heck you are doing, and of course, if you have the right products and tools to get working with…. so on that note, start with some stuff like this:

Take out the engine from the lawn mower itself as your next step once you notice that you have all the right parts and tools mentioned. To do that, take out the oil drain valve and pull off the central spark plug, gently so ( do not yank on anything, he he he heh ) . Make sure that this oil drips into a pan or something else, so you can avoid a mess, among other things. Give it a few minutes for the tank to fully empty itself…. do not rush it. Let everything drop in to the pan and stop dripping. Go and do something else for a couple of hours as you are waiting.

Then come back and do the same but with your gas tank, the same draining process that you just did with your oil. Let the whole thing FULLY drain, once more, and I can not stress that step just enough… it is SO vital not to rush the process here but let it all drop out, so to speak. Let it take its time to fully empty itself out, in other words…. which gives you time to catch another episode of your fave Spongebob Squarepants re - run or something, he he heh, as you wait. Then come back once more and continue with the next step here, which is to de - wire your engine and its starter, dis - connecting the one from the other entirely.

Take the screws out from around the engine to help with this. Take the pulley drive belt out and put it in storage… you will not need it for now but may find it useful for some other project in the future. Watch videos on the install process to make it just right and place it in the new go kart ( after you have designed and set the frame of the body ) . Don’t forget to YouTube lots!