49CC Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

I bought one of these go karts a while back. And it worked just fine, I might add. But let me tell you some more general stuff on these and let you make up your own mind…..

This type of go kart, all in all, some prefer to call a “power - kart”, he heh. No joke. It’s intense and definitely suits any racing purposes you might want to get it for, no doubt about it ( if there was a doubt about that, remove it out of your mind, literally, like words off a chalkboard, he he heh heh heh…. because this thing can crank up and kick some power, when you really need it…. feeling the need for speed at all in your life? ) .

I, for one, like the one made by Sport Kart these days: Racing Go Kart - 49cc

It is somewhat new and still kicks butt. In some places, it’s been sold - out or dis - continued so you have to search just a little harder for it ; but I still managed to find lots of places where it still sells and gets made, so that’s a win right there. Anyways, let me tell you some more about this model so you can determine if it’s a yay or nay for you!

So first of all, it’s got an automatic centri - fugal clutch, so not bad to start off with. It can also hold up to a liter in gas…. which, of course, some would say is not much but I have also seen smaller gas tanks for go karts, if you would believe that. Though a liter in gas - tank capacity is still a decent starting point, if you ask me, and the minimum amount that several tend to hold these days, so that’s not too terrible at all, now…. you can always upgrade to a bigger sort of fuel tank or swap one out if you know how to do it for yourself, he heh ( get those hands dirty or just talk to a pro, my friend ) .

It comes with its own little safety flag built right in…. aww, is that not cute? It is intended for safety and visibility purposes, of course. It is not only so that people can see you more clearly, but also so that they keep safety and a reasonable distance in mind, both good things to be thinking about.

You can never be too safe, I always add. No you can not. So this is good.

And we’re also talking about 2 - stroke, as I think you guessed by now…. a gas engine that is EPA - approved 100 % !!!!

And did I tell you the best part? It works with a throttle trigger, which many buyers include right with it ( make sure of this, he he heh ) . You find it properly mounted right on those handlebars. See it?