Aren’t we all fans of the supercool jet skis? The splashy colors, heroic design, and smooth ride on it will be a dream come true situation for all of us. Moreover, if a jet ski enables top-notch speed and acceleration with all other features, the experience becomes better than ever. Probably all the Sea-doo models aim to provide us that sensation. But the all-new GTX Limited version is something worth riding. Seems interesting, huh? Then let us know a bit more about what it has to offer us.

Sea-doo GTX Limited: an overview

The manufacturers of the sea-doo PWC produce all their products so that they provide stirring features and specifications. But no product on this earth can be flawless. Likewise, this jet ski, along with its advantages, Has some cons or disadvantages as well. Hence, if you are planning to buy one, it is always better to know every other information in detail.

In this section, I will be discussing the features, pros, and cons of this specific PWC.


The engine of the Sea-doo GTX Limited is not that different from other famous sea-doo models. This jet ski comes with a ROTAX 1630 cc engine. The engine is a 4-stroke 3-cylinder engine. Also, it is a 300 hp engine that comes with the Advanced Combustion Efficiency Technology, is robust enough to give you a smooth ride. The basic problem that people claim for the GTX model is that its 300 hp variant does not have the IDF technology. Thankfully the GTX Limited does not present itself with the same issue.


This jet ski doesn’t only fascinate us with its engine specs. But the impressive fuel capacity is impressive too. Additionally, the total capacity of GTX Limited is worth appreciating. This jet ski provides us with a fuel capacity of 18.5 gallons. With a comfortable three rider’s capacity, this jet ski is something desirable.


This specific jet ski comes equipped with an intelligent brake and reverses technology. The manufacturers have prioritized the security and safety of the riders. And by including this feature, the riders can stop the jet ski sooner. Additionally, the riders can enable forward, neutral, and reverse mode by just pressing buttons on the handlebar. Isn’t that easy?


The main problem for which people sometimes do not want to pick the GTX 300hp model is that it does not provide the IDF technology. If you do not know what exactly is IDF technology, here is a description in a nutshell.

The intelligent debris-free pump system or the IDF system is especially included in the PWC to avoid complications regarding debris. We all know how disgusting it is for us to face the problem of debris entering the engine. IDF basically turns the impeller in the reverse direction. As a result, the engine becomes free from debris. Thousands have praised this feature.


This feature is more or less common in almost all the Sea-doo models. The closed-loop cooling system protects the engine from saltwater damage and also prevents the engine from debris. Hence, you can enjoy a peaceful ride.

Digital display

the GTX Limited digital display is something that the industry has launched for the first time ever. On this PWC, you can enjoy a 7.8 inched wide crystal clear digital display. This colorful display shows all the information related to the vehicle. Also, you can connect the watercraft to compatible apps if you wish through the display.

Musical journey

Almost all the PWC by Sea-doo has this feature in them. The jet skis come with a fully waterproof premium audio system. You can connect your phone or other devices to this system and play your favorite loops. And the GTX Limited has incorporated improved sound quality of the BPR system. so enjoy your musical water ride.

Limited package

this particular PWC comes with some other extra features that no other manufacturer can provide. The Sea-doo GTX Limited comes with a watercraft cover for keeping it safe and intact. Additionally, a storage bean organizer is attached to the PWC. You can also access a depth finder and a temperature gauge while riding on the Sea-doo GTX Limited.




Are Sea-Doo engines reliable?

The sea-doo engines are in short reliable if you keep them nicely. Actually, maintenance is the key to longevity, So, if you want smooth performance, keep your jet ski well-maintained in the long run. And see the magic!

How long do SeaDoo engines last?

According to the general rule of thumb, the 4-stroke engines last anywhere between 400 to 500 hours, and the 2-stroke engines can run for around 300 hours.

What is considered high hours on a Seadoo?

As the general rule is considered, the average limit for sea-doo engines is 30 hours. But the manufacturers claim that the Sea-doo engines are effective for somewhere around 100 hours. But generally, anything above 30 hours is considered ‘high’ hours for jet ski engines.

Final thoughts

The Sea-doo GTX Limited is the super improvised version of the Sea-doo jet Skis. This ultimate jet ski presents itself with exciting features that are the first time ever in the market. Additionally, it comes with a supreme quality watercraft cover to keep it safe and well-maintained.

However, some people have complained about the cons that the jet ski comes with. So, it is better to look at all the before grabbing one of your own. So make sure you go through all the cons as well. But well, you can negotiate with all the disadvantages looking at the exciting advantages. Give it a shot! Good luck!