How Fast Will a Polaris RZR 170 Go?

Author : Efrain Silva

Let me first start by saying, dear friend, that this is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the RZR 170 (or any similar competing product), and one we want to help answer for you in this blog post. Now, to get straight to the heart of the matter, the 170 comes equipped with an internal top speed of 15 mph, which is not much, initially, but some owners have tweaked theirs and made certain approved modifications, getting it up to 29 mph. While it’s still not “highway awesome”, you can still kick some butt on those local roads and have a good time altogether. Why not?

How Fast Will a Polaris RZR 170 Go?

This is an all - terrain vehicle, as well, so that means that you can go at top speed while getting through dirt roads, driver obstacle courses, concrete uphills, and you name it. This little bad boy can do it! We’re talking about a single - cylinder engine here, as well, by the way, which runs off a 4 - stroke. Yup, it’s a 169 - cc.

You might also want to know that this Ranger vehicle is made by Polaris (if you did not know this already or take it into account as important), a brand well - known for its ATVS and for offering big engine cylinders with each model it brings out to the market. How cool is that? And get this — did you know that, the larger the cylinder engine, the greater the speed? Indeed, and that’s why this 170 model is actually faster than a lot of other similar products on sale today ; that 29 mph top speed is indeed quite coveted.

Plus, there’s more —- in fact, all this makes the 170 quite powerful and fun, even for adults. But if you do not have much experience using an ATV, then you should first become acquainted and accustomed, my good friend, for your own safety and pleasure. If you are a young rider, and worried about going too fast, even by accident (as if, right?), then this would be a suitable product for you to get. Read the instructions first, and get yourself familiarized by watching a few YouTube speed run or speed test videos on this product (I have seen there are many online covering this specific make and model, so have at it!).

Like I said, you can tweak things up to get to a higher top speed, if you’re a mechanic expert, or even leave it as is (and you’ll eventually come to notice yourself going faster and faster, with time). Heck, you might even make adjustments on the safety features to decrease the max speed, if a very young rider / driver son or daughter of yours is using this vehicle for the first time. I have seen online how a man took his max top speed to only 5 mph, and tweaked a few other safety features around, as well, so please know that it can be done if it must be done!