Why Are Boat Motors So Expensive?

Author : Efrain Silva

Why Are Boat Motors So Expensive?

There are several very distinct reasons that boat motors can be so expensive :

  1. The first reason is simply because they are motors, and all motors tend to be expensive. (You ever seen a cheap car motor or plane motor or lawnmower motor? How about an inexpensive ATV / UTV / bike motor? There are some but you usually do always have to put some money down, if you are serious.) Quality materials, often imported from expensive places, are involved in the motor’s parts. Don’t take that lightly.

  2. The second is because people end up getting a motor financed, which actually ends up costing them a lot more when they pay it off in full (remember that sneaky little thing called ‘interest’?). And many people, sadly, can not pay off the full thing at once. So they end up having to go this route. If that’s you, pay back as soon as you can!

  3. Another reason that they can be so gosh darn expensive is simply because their capacity to propel the boat forward, from within, and keep it running at all times, requires a lot of power and input - output ratios. There’s a lot here keeping them running.

  4. Another proven reason here is the aspect of the middleman (or lack thereof, in some fewer cases). That alone can tell if your price will be just a little higher in some places than in others. For every sale that is made, not only does the original product and brand creator get a cut ; but also, each manufacturer, each third party seller, and even each distributor acting on behalf of such needs to take a piece of the earnings. And for each to get a decent cut, sometimes the price is raised on the product itself. Always check — did the product you are looking at, through the venue you are thinking of purchasing it from, come straight to you by cutting out the middleman or not?

The good news is you can get what you pay for. Expensive is as expensive does, some say. In short, this means that when you see a high - rated luxury boat motor, selling for over $1,000 and offering incredible power on the water, you will know what you will be getting when you buy. It is really as simple as this.

If you want it to cost less, but do not want something of less quality, then going with an interest - based, financed boat motor might be the best route you will have to seriously give some thought around. It is a great way to put off paying on the final cost. But just remember to try and pay back some of the principal balance due with every scheduled payment so that you do not keep paying only the interest and never make any progress toward paying off the full motor. That is how some sellers get you!

We hope you will give it some further thought, friend, and let us know what you think of it all.